RIP my old friend, your memory lives on

Deande: Blink Storm no longer allows Deande to clip through geometry

Deande is fine. do not be alarmed by the title of the thread. This is just me reminiscing about the ult glitch, and maybe showing you a few things to try before the patch rolls around in those hours drawing near.

The Backstory

Months ago, something like 6 or 7 of them, I was playing a game on monuments and used my ultimate skill on a Whiskey Foxtrot. When the ult ended I found myself in the wall (i think I still have the clip actually but it’s on my ps4 and I dont really want to dig through those files). Anyway, I tried to move forward and I couldn’t, so I moved back and fell off the map.

while that wasn’t the first time it had happened to me, that was when I finally understood that it was the ult that caused it.

And so naturally my next thoughts were “can I replicate this?” and “can I exploit this?”

To answer both of those questions: yes. you can. And let me tell you it was some good fun too. This one time an entire enemy team was barrelling down on me, so I ulted a minion wave and escaped into a wall. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL.

The “how to”

It’s really simple. really.

all you have to do is make sure your back is directly against a flat, thin wall when you ult (you’ll see what I mean in the videos).

Top 3 most amusing ult glitch spots

(in no particular order)

this one is amazing with multiple people. It lets you bypass the door that wolfe has to open before your friends can. then that leads to the whole “how the hell did you get over there?” discussion followed shortly by the “don’t take all the shards discussion”.

I loved trolling some of my best friends with this (who sadly dont play anymore), but damn those were good times.

This one is not so practical as the sentry splash damage can still get you. however you will be able to keep the shields down almost indefinitely. Makes for some interesting messages afterwards.

(I was hoping the game would end a second sooner at the end there lol)

By far the most savage is the spawn glitch. plain and simple: you get in the enemy spawn.

No I don’t do this normally (ive only done it twice in public). Please I have some decency. This tactic is really shady but OMFG my best memory of this is ult glitching into the enemy spawn in a privet game. When everyone is on mic. When all your best friends are there to call you out as a hacker while you drop and dive around for dear life. Of course it’s not a hack, but it damn near looks like one.

Some interesting things to be observed:

-You can’t kill AFK players
-Base defence turrets cant shoot into their own base.

The End of Ult Glitching

It was fun. It wasn’t all that game breaking. It wan’t a serious tactic. But it was fun. And while I know it has to go, I’ll miss it, and think back on it every so often.

Goodbye my friend, Deande shall soldier on without you.


I made a comment on this after reading the patch notes. I’m sad because it was a lot of fun to do but all good things must come to an end. :cry: At least they didn’t change her drop kick. Those last two clips just show how broken her ult actually was though so I can understand why they had to patch it. Oh well. Luckily I still have my clip saved from when I accidentally did the spawn glitch. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Man this glitch was fun. XD I’ve done it once on Coldsnap, popped my clone and the enemy Ambra just stood there, watching a while before she started attacking it. Then, I used Burst Dash and she died. XD She seemed so confused, really mademe laugh.

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Ooohhhhhhh. This happened to me on Echelon and I had no idea why. Finally realized

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