RIP PvP during Lootpocalypse. RIP buildables after Lootpocalypse

Unless there’s a plan to let players gain legendaries during PvP matches, I expect quite sad PvP queue times the next weekend.

It’s not like queue times aren’t sad already, but the PvE-only event might cause players grind the legendaries in Story Mode and forget the Versus Mode for its entirety during the weekend.


Are you going to play PvP during Lootpocalypse?

  • Yes! PvE can go home. PvP is where the fun’s at.
  • Might try a few PvE runs, but will still mostly play PvP.
  • I will spend most of the time on PvE, with few PvP matches.
  • No PvP at all. Gotta catch 'em all oranges.

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But wait, there’s more! The effects of insane legendary drops will ripple through the spacetime for more than a few weekend days. Take a look at this short yet brilliant post by @burningamd :

This is a genuine concern. If everyone is going to get hundreds of legendaries, they will want to use them in PvP matches. Given the ridiculous price of 1800 shards for each of them, you can basically say goodbye to the hope of your teammates building turrets or giant minions.

So here’s another question for you…

How many legendary gear pieces do you (plan to) use in PvP?

  • Three. I wish I could activate more of them!
  • Two at most. Three would be too expensive.
  • One at most. Rest of shards is for building.
  • Zero. A waste of shards for too little effect.

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YAY, I won the polls 100% in my favor. lol First.

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Just queue with friends if you are concerned with what gear pugs use.


Just wow. I cannot believe somebody found a down side to GBX offering more loot.

If they offered the F2P weekend people have been requesting it would mean the death of PvE for that weekend. Big deal. As for people using all legendaries in future loadouts, there’s no more reason for them to do it after the lootpocalypse than there is now. People who use strategically helpful loadouts are not suddenly going to become brain damaged and use crap just because it dropped.

People will complain about ANYTHING!


then you can wreck these newbs with 3 legionaries with your better more cost effective gear and build the stuff… yipee

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You’re right! My post might sound like I’m complaining, but it was not my intent.

I just wanted to learn whether people will completely jump to PvE, or if there will still be some player pool for Meltdown.

I’m just scared that a lot more people will acquire boots of the brute. I’ve seen very few besides myself with it and I’m genuinely scared that the amount of people that have it will increase tenfold

I think only very very few (and possibly new) players would choose 3 legendaries just to ingnore buildables. Buildables are the best exp-boost in the first 5 minutes.

Buildables = Exp. = earlier/faster leveling.

Multiple legendary loadouts are nice in certain PvE missions, and some can really help, but to wear 2 or 3 in one loadout will do more harm than good in PvP.

Example: You want to activate your 3-legendaries-loadout asap:

  • You´ll level slower, since building gives high exp-rewards in early game.

  • You might grab shards away from your team, so only you get to activate your gear.

  • The lack of shards due to aggressive harvesting can turn tides if buildibles cannot be constructed early at certain chokepoints. You have running your first orange gearpart in 5 minutes, but that important turret/accelerator falls into rival hands.

  • In the case many teammates wear such expensive gear building Elite Bots will fall flat for the first 10-20minutes. That gives your enemies a huge bonus.

So tempting some legendaries might be, the tactical advantage is often smaller than expected.

I think thats the reason competitive teams restrict their loadouts (for example: no legendaries, ot nothing over blue, or just green items)

More legendaries will not make the problem worse, but we can try to make it better by explaining new players the importance of the points above. Some things are best fought by education.

In regard of the weekend and its possible effects on PvP: Maybe Versus will be deserted, maybe not. I could imagine many people run a quick round PvE and jump straight into PvP again to try their new legendary gear.


Oh now you worry about PvE?? Give us a break!

Who is worried about what? If you replied to my post - no, I´m not worried about PvP or PvE.
I just hope for lots of loot^^


Where’s “I don’t play PVP anyway” option?

It’s not that bad because not only YOUR teammates won’t build buildables. And those who do (that’s you) will have more impact on the outcome of the match. Isn’t that good?


Honestly, if it becomes a problem like I suspect it will, I would like to see them limited to 1.

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You know, the more I play this game the more I come to the realization that you don’t need gold gear to excel in pvp. Im starting to gravitate towards normal gear especially since I play with Eldrid Characters (Thorn and Alani mostly). The fact that they have no shields makes them more flexible when it comes to gear choices.

I’m currently trying to ween myself off of Incursion-Overgrowth, the Eldrid, and try out capture along with new characters. And I find it hard to maintain shards to get the blue/gold gear that I usually use. I may have to make secondary loadouts of common and uncommon gear exclusively for capture matches. No point in having gold gear if it never can be activated.

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[quote=“Ganjamira, post:8, topic:1540494, full:true”]Legendaries are nice in certain PvE missions, and some can really help, but to wear 2 or 3 in one loadout will do more harm than good.

For PvP (saying this as someone who doesn’t really do that much PvP), I would venture a guess that, at most, you want a single legendary, if at all. PvP matches are much more shard restricted than PvE missions (I run triple legendary for pretty much all PvE missions now and still have more shards than I know what to do with by the end of the mission); anyone who has done any kind of PvP knows that.

I would only expect the noobiest of players to attempt full legendary loadouts in PvP and only for a couple games at most before they learned the error of their ways (when they figure out that they couldn’t activate more than 1 legendary before the game ended).

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The Capture mode basically requires a white zero-cost shard generator, if you want to activate any other non-zero gear in reasonable time and still be able to build stuff.

I hereby allow you to use the “No PvP at all” option.

Yeah, In PvE I run 2-3 legendaries usually, but for Sabotuer and Renegade I often use only one. Most other PvE-missions give you enough shards to drown in :smile:

In PvP I want to built so I can level without getting killed^^ As Orendi I´m a papertiger, and I need those exp to be helpfull at all… As long as I´ve some white/green movement speed + skill damage gear I´m happy.

Really? Saboteur maybe (most of teh shards you get from Sabo are gonna be enemy drops, so it can be problematic for ranged chars if a melee is around), but Renegade gives out obscene amounts of shards. The Renegade shards aren’t early on, but, while clearing out the first defense node you should have enough for a single legendary (while still affording turrets previously) and be able to buy the other 2 during the last defense (while still getting all of those turrets/traps as well).

I routinely end Renegade with 4k+ redundant shards after activating a triple legendary loadout and activating at least 7-8 turrets along the way (all of the turrets relevant to the defense nodes; the 3 outside of the 2nd node and 1 outside of the final are just ignored).

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I think, this was about how there’s no Poll option for ‘I wouldn’t have played PvP anyway’.

The existing option kind of stipulates that one who would play PvE only for the loot event is a lost player for PvP.
And I get the point you’re trying to make, I’m not doubting that it might affect matchmaking times.
But many people who are excited/happy about this event wouldn’t have queued for PvP to begin with, so no need to worry about them.

Also, I believe you’re overreacting a bit. I highly doubt that everyone will roll full legendary gear, simply because we get more legendary drops.
Think about this: How many legendaries would you need for that? Right, only three. So, basically every player who has found at least three legendaries is already in the position to do so. And it doesn’t happen that often, or does it? (Serious question here, I don’t play that much PvP :wink: )

Yeah, the Shard Budget for most missions allows for some crazy gear loadouts. :smile:
I also used some triple legendary loadouts in PvE and Bot matches (Ambra with a Pacifier, Solar Sustainer and Shard of Jennar :wink: ).
But in general, I try to keep my loadouts PvP-compatible as I play too many characters to have separate PvE/PvP gear.

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i despise PvE (not just in battleborn but in all games)

its literally the same thing everytime

and some missions in particular are extremely repetitive and way too long imo. like that one mission that has boldur in it…

defend the core… then… defend another core… defend another core… hey guess what u get to do next? defend another core… again and again and again for like an hour straight, no thanks jeff.

i really wish pvp players had an equal opportunity at legendaries. i guess if i really want to have those nice legendaries that work so well in pvp ill have to force myself to do pve =[

I only run one legendary in PVP matches and I use two shard generators to help me do it: a no-cost white one and a purple shield bonus + generator that costs 1k. I also try to build up our defenses while I’m waiting to activate my gear depending on how our team is doing. If the opposing team is making a push, I’ll forgo my gear and build turrets and the bot. If we’re holding, I’ll grab shards and try to activate my gear. If we’re pushing, I’ll push and build as I go where I can. If the game goes over ten minutes, I usually have my one legendary activated. If it doesn’t, then I really didn’t need it because it wouldnt’ have affected the outcome much anyway.