RIP Terry Pratchett

As a TPS Scav might way: Well, that’s a bugger.

Probably better off than lingering for years with advanced Alzheimer’s, but still…

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I have many books by him on my shelves. Sad news.

Loved him, got all his books, and read them aloud to my fiance and kids.

It’s a bugger indeed.

Got started very late when one of my students recommended him. Haven’t got very far with the Discworld series at all, but it’s genius.

His legacy will live on through his daughter Rhianna though, looking at the bright side. She’s done some fantastic stuff.

True, she’s wonderful.

■■■■. And more ■■■■.

Poignant XKCD tribute:

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Discworld is still rather unknown territory to me, but I first read Pratchett as a young teenager, almost 15 years ago. I remember liking Reaper Man a lot, but back then my love for Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Trilogy overshadowed Pratchett. I still have a Finnish translation of Reaper Man around; maybe it’s time to revisit.