Riposte stinger question

Does the level of the shield determine the damage of the nova? I’ve got a level 57 one with ASS and I was wondering if it’s worth using…

Yes, Nova dmg is based on the shield level. But lvl 57 will still be very powerful.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve used it a lot at level 60 (it was the first thing dropping from the first time beating the boss lol) but the guardian takedown is the only thing I cannot stomach in this game, let alone farming it… I don’t know if I can overcome my perfectionism and use a lower level one knowing it’s not the top😅

Level 57 M10 deals only half the damage of lvl 65 M10. Farming for perfect gear is hard, so it’s up to you :slight_smile:

I can farm anything but the guardian takedown, even if it takes 10/15 minutes, it’s been a blast using that shield while it lasted :joy:

Vending machines produce them like crazy. Check them (you can hit 4 in one map load at the Spendopticon) religiously.

Stinger drops only from Anathema in Guardian Takedown, you can’t farm it anywhere else.

doh…was thinking about the Impaler…