Riptide Lore Group Recruition

Anyone that has Battleborn for Xbox One want to join up to do Alani’s Riptide Lore? I am also setting up this post so that anyone else who needs help with it can post here.

What’s the requirement?

Do you have Alani?

Working on this myself. GT:ShirenTheSIren


I havent had any problem with it though…I had almost 40 by the time she got to rank 15…

Hey there you still need this if so you can add me.

GT: Spitefoo

Hey everyone I need help with this aswell I need to do 7 more add me and message me on Xbox please! GT: XenonSnow If someone knows an easy way to do it please let me know! I have done all other lores but this one its killing me inside!