Rise of the Lore Legendaries

Keeping my question brief; Now that Lore Legendaries are all ACTUAL max rolls, and cheaper than ever to activate, which ones are worth looking at again? Let’s discuss ones that weren’t really that good ever, so no need to go into indepth explanations on why Shard of Jennar and Double Hug are oh-so-awesome.


Double Hug(Toby) is better then ever
I’m surprised Bindle Booster(Marquis) never caught on
Custom fit flak vest (Montana) will work well with his new heat changes

ISICs and Phoebe’s are still terrible

Shard of Jennar(Ambra) will be great

Everyone else seems meh to me

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I’m interested in trying out Isic’s legendary now. I never used it before, because I felt that 1800 shards for 120 shield was just ridiculous. Now, at 1470 shards for 140 shield, I think that it looks very compelling. I’m still debating whether Caldarius’ sword is worth trying, though. Oscar Mike’s stopwatch looks good now that it has full values.

Montana’s vest and Whiskey’s magazine were great before, but now they are frickin’ amazing!


El Dragon’s legendary is great :slight_smile:


Yeah, Whiskey’s was always super useful.

Now that I think about it, Reyna and Kelvin were always good, but there was always things better for that 1800 shard cost. Reyna especially might see her Leggy surge in usability. Especially with that new free Shard Gen that doesn’t mess her up like all other free shards used to do!


Well, Reyna’s legendary suffers from her tertiary effect, which can have varying degrees of effectiveness depending on how stubborn your teammates are. Being able to heal extra is great, but trying to land that on a moving target (who may or may not be frantic depending on the situation) was a bit of a pain.

Addendum: Unless there was advanced communication, that is.


Stupid question, as you cannot “re-get” Lore Leggies…are ones you currently owned at time of patch converted to max roll?

Did this happen to any non lore Leggies?

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No. So just like before, you have to try for a new one and hope you get lucky.



Cool, thanks.

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It was already one of the worthwhile ones. It only got better, especially combined with the 15%(!!!) damage buff against minions. Throw in another piece with a reload speed secondary, and he’s almost as broken as he was in the reload-weaving days. Plus, spamming Hawkeye.

Benny’s lego is legit A F.


Attikus’ legendary is very tempting now… but it’s still a bargain brand boots of the brute.

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  • S Tier
    • Toby - “Who doesn’t love a 4 second stun?”
  • A+ Tier
    • Whiskey - Speaks for itself
    • Benedict - Ditto
    • Ambra - Fireballs for days
    • Beatrix - Her nerfs hurt it’s power, but mechanically its still strong
  • A Teir
    • Alani - Great primary, secondary, and tertiary stats. And now she’ll need it
    • Oscar Mike - Good for PvP if you’re fine with engaging with Stealth Generator
    • Pendles - 5 second wound, situational, but worth the cost… if it works now
    • Rath - Fits him and his new buff against non-Battleborn enemies perfectly
  • Worth it in PvE only
    • Caldarius - Its only 420 more shards than what I’m currently using, and does basically the same thing, but now I get a panic heal

  • Good, but I’d rather have other gear
    • Deande - I don’t enjoy anything but shield stacking Deande
    • El Dragon - Wasted if you don’t really engage with Clothesline, and I’d rather just be harder to kill/boost my melee
    • Marquis - I’ve never found or seen Bindleblast to be all that effective in any mode
    • Kelvin - A little bit of micro-manage Permafrost tanking, besides that it’s junk w/out the old Firmware ISIC
    • Kleese - A nice self heal, but I’d rather shield stack
    • Thorn - A flawed purple Eldrid skill damage is half the cost, and they’re about equal in my eyes
  • Meh
    • Kid Ultra - Badly designed in actual practice
    • Ernest - You’re better off saving Explosive Charge as a player finisher, then trying to heal off a shepherd guarded wave
    • Orendi - I don’t tend to miss, and it doesn’t affect Preamble to my knowledge
    • Attikus - It’s not worth the shards in my opinion, plus they’ll probably be slowed from Staggering Pounce already anyway.
  • I’ve never used 'em
    • Miko - Turns Miko into a pseudo Alani?
    • Montana - Might be worth it after these 13 months of nerfed legendaries I used to use on him.
  • Trash
    • Ghalt - Why Gearbox? And you even nerfed it
    • Reyna - Your heal is not only timed and restricted to ~5 shots and a cooldown, but when the overshield breaks in half a second during combat, you can no longer heal
    • Boldur - His shield shouldn’t break post level 3, and if it does its not when you need 4 seconds of damage
    • ISIC - Shield breaking is a ■■■■■■ mechanic fyi
    • Mellka - Its bad and there is better stuff
    • Shaurox - Literal dog crap. 20% of all melee damage dealt to ONE target is added to the next singular boomerang that hits that same target
    • Galilea - She does dick for damage with her Greatsword, and without stuns from other sources, it is only possibly once every 19 seconds. For only 2 seconds and you may not need the health and the target may be/get shielded
    • Phoebe - I forget how it works exactly, but its basically a 5% self damage amp unless you use nothing but True Strike. And even then I think the stacks have an internal timer as well

I might actually say it deserves to be in A+ tier. It already gave a great life steal bonus but his new 15% damage amp to AI makes life steal very useful. His sustainability post level 5 with it would be crazy when he attacks a minion wave.

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Gonna have to sacrifice that 0 cost sprint gear I know you love

The only reason I ranked it lower is because I find it hard to cough up one of the 3 gear pieces I currently use. And I only play Rath in PvP, where 420 shards means more.

Off topic, the scrub league 10-mans I play with don’t allow legendaries nowadays anyway.

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Out of curiosity, what loadout do you use on Rath?[quote=“Vicks_Toire, post:14, topic:1562042, full:true”]
Gonna have to sacrifice that 0 cost sprint gear I know you love

Well, I’m not going to use it. But I will acknowledge how good it is none the less. I will say I am tempted to, but I only use legendary gear for gimmick builds, not serious games.


I try to turn him into a Brawler. I know movement speed Rath is good at higher tiers, but me and my PC are scrubs.

  • Purple Eldrid attack speed
  • Purlpe Eldrid attack damage
  • Purple Jennerit health regen

I don’t trust myself or my PC to use cheaper gear.

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So maybe it’s because I didn’t understand it’s description properly, but why was Phoebe’s so terrible?

To quote @ShadowHaven, one of the last Phoebe mains on PS4:

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I never actually tested it, I’m just trying to regurgitate what I heard months ago. But the primary and secondary stats are lack luster, and the 5% damage amp resets a few seconds after you damage an enemy with something besides True Strike. And the only damage you care about is you’re primary and to an extent your Ult. So you’re better off with a cheaper piece of gear that buffs your primary/Ult, unconditionally, even more so.

It was worse before.

  • 1800 shard cost
  • Non-max roll
  • And cooldown stats for gear were much worse.

Phoebe has True Strike and Phase Gate/slow for mobility/anti-mobility. And 2 of the best cooldown helix choices in the game.

*If I’m wrong about how it works feel free to correct me.