Rising cost, lower profit? Possible hint of microtransactions?

streamers = free advertisement, so why shouldn’t they get free stuff?

I find it hard to believe their sales projections were off base, considering they were on the record as being confident about sales post-release.

If there are microtransactions, I’ll evaluate them when I see what they are / what they cost. They’re absolutely theoretical at this point in time, in my opinion.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to have a deep suspicion of any company statement that tries to defend not paying their developers in any capacity - especially in light of previous promises. I don’t really know where the line is in terms of posting about this, and I don’t want to cross it, but ugh. I’m a software developer myself too, like the OP (thankfully not in games, where reports like this seem way too common).

Not to be that guy, but…

The bonus weren’t “promised”. How could they be when they were based off the projected sales of the game? It was always an estimate as to how many copies would be sold, it could have been more or less. By the very nature of the way their system works, there can’t really be “guaranteed” bonus. I’m pretty sure the people who got bonuses from Borderlands 2 weren’t expecting to get such big ones, but the game sold really well and provided them with that extra cash.

Randy is kinda shady, don’t get me wrong. But in this instance it seems more like a case of unmet expectations. The employees were given information that could’ve been wrong, but was the best estimate management had at the time. The figures fell below what they were expecting, and people’s plans had to be adjusted. It sucks, but I don’t know if that is something that can be attributed to Randy specifically, especially as if he had malicious intent while doing so.

Everything you say is reasonable, if we ignore one thing: Borderlands 3 sold very well.
It didn’t outsell Madden or CoD, but it still moved significant quantities. If they sold that well and still didn’t meet projections, then whoever made the projections made them too high. Either out of misplaced ego, or precisely so they could pull this when the time came.

They sold five millions copies the first week. The total was over eight million in Feb. The sales expectations had to be unrealistically high if they still fell short.


Welcome to AAA gaming :wink:

Sales of the game right now are over 8 million copies, it’ll end up around 10 million when it’s all said and done.

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It doesn’t matter what he said the bonus would be though, the bonus is based off of the sales of the game after they repay Epic the cost of development + DLC. The article doesn’t seem to mention at what point management told the dev team what their projected bonus would be. If it was after the engine change midway through development then OK, but if it was before that change and the ballooning budget that accompanied it then of course the projected amount would change since the budget and release date of the game changed dramatically.

Remember, they don’t start getting bonuses until the full 140 million is repaid to Epic. If I’m understanding correctly, they would then get their bonuses from 40% of whatever the game makes after that point.

He took a 12 million dollar bonus in 2016. Maybe he could use some of that to give people what they were promised. Or use some of that to pay people wages that they should have been paid since they aren’t receiving bonuses promised. I think we both know the likelihood of that is 0.

“Several Gearbox employees told Kotaku that company management promised them six-figure bonuses following the launch of Borderlands 3 . The more years they’d been with the company, the larger the check. This vision of financial success helped Gearbox’s developers get through many long nights and weekends working on the game.”

I’ll keep crunching because it will all be worth it. Then to be told this when a game is a massive success. The whole lot of them should walk.

He has enough instances of awful behavior for me to not give another dime. If this was the first one I wouldn’t feel this way.

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I’m going to side with the BL3 developers, not some Pitchford apologist.

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YongYea and KOTAKU are making money of half truths and misery nothing new there.
Are now and have always been.

If youre actually an employee getting screwed over - going to KOTAKU (which is the only cited source as far as ive seen - everyone else talking about this just refers to KOTAKUs article) is the 1 thing you can do that gives you the least amount of credibility.

Why would they be so stupid?

Regardless of what happened - pissing your pants over KOTAKU articles isnt going to make the world a better place in the long run.


Must we play this silly game where everyone who doesn’t jump on the Randy hate-boner immediately is an apologist? This ■■■■ is everywhere in everything and it gets so old so fast.

They weren’t promised a bonus, because the bonus was predicated solely on sales of the game after the amount to be repaid to Epic. It sucks that it happened, but you also can’t assume you’re getting money that doesn’t exist yet (unless you’re the government). Assuming that people were intentionally mislead based solely off of what this article says is jumping the gun.

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Want to know how not to be called an apologist?

Please explain what part of my post is defending Randy? You seem to be under the impression that I’m saying something I’m not.

Fact of the matter is, no one except for the government can promise you money that you don’t have yet. Of course businesses do it all the time with invoices where you pay a specified price for a service at a later date, but that’s different then paying someone for their services (which is lower than industry standard, but the agreed upon salary for this company), and then not having as much money as you expected to pay them extra.

Again, it sucks. But they were compensated according to the conditions they agreed upon, and this bonus was contingent on money that GB apparently doesn’t have atm. It may materialize during the life course of the game, it may not. Some more info may come out implicating Randy specifically, it may not. Fact is, we have one article and know nothing else.

Guy is shady, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything shady is his fault specifically. There will more than likely be more info coming, so why not at least have a stronger platform to stand on before getting on the soapbox? Worst that can happen is you’re more right, but for right now all I see is a ■■■■■■ situation with a less than tactful quip thrown in at the end. Stupid and insensitive, yes. But it’s not on the level of scamming his own employees out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ll wait for the journalism to uncover that.

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Cus I believe I don’t need it. It’s well known the kind of person that the person we’re talking about is. He’s had numerous instances of doing bad things throughout his career. This is just another instance in a long line of them.

nothing was ever confirmed

seeing something repeated on misery news sites ad nauseaum doesnt make it any more true

but hey - these days hearing something often enough is all that is needed to convince people of anything

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I’ve heard more than enough to know what I need to know about the man and the actions I will take because of it. I harbor no ill will towards anyone who disagrees with me. It’s something I’ve personally decided and it wasn’t an easy decision as I love BL as much as anyone.

I’ll continue to root for the company to decide to go in another direction and I will be right back if that happens. Until that day I simply can’t support it.

While I’m not against micro transaction (The game is already competitive or player versus player, so even if it’s more than cosmetic … I don’t care, people can buy their perfect gun is they want) they ought to ask themselves : With their ■■■■■■ launch on Epic Gaming, and overall a large disapointement of the player base (Lots of bugs, balancing is slooooow …) they’re the only one responsible for their unerperformance

It’s not about the game doing poorly, but about randy being randy and I don’t want to to get banned so draw your own conclusions.

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Well, interesting comment in that article:

The second part of which - as noted in the article - is very unusual in terms of common legal practice in this jurisdiction, nor required by law as part of the motion filed.

I’d hazard a guess that this was not the ending a lot of folks were expecting.