Rising Sh0t Question

On the DDD guide for Zero’s skills it states:

"Stack decay is based on fire rate. Fast fire rates cause quick decay and low fire rates cause long decay time.
Excellent skill overall,** high damage boost for any gun used outside of the following exception: **
(Jakobs fire rate, does not stack when using Jakobs)"

I am currently specced into the Cunning tree, and just started the TVHM playthrough. Through some luck with the RNG, I picked up a Hammerbuster last playthrough, and am currently specced into Rising Shot. Although the stacks decay pretty quickly, it does appear that it is stacking, and that I am getting the damage bonus. Especially when used in conjunction with Two-Fang, I am hitting 5 stacks with over half my mag to go.

So my question for the forum is this:

Are the stacks actually doing anything with the Hammerbuster? It looked like it when I was testing on the dummy, but it is kind of hard to keep track of stacks and damage output when testing it for me. Aside from the rapid decay, are there any other downsides to speccing into Rising Shot with Jakobs weaponry?

Thanks dudes

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I’ve shot the best dummy with Jakobs guns and saw rising shot working on it

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The only downside to using rising shot is that the stacks decay super fast, the general consensus is that your points would be better spent elsewhere, but there is nothing inately bad about using them togather.

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Thanks for the info, @Derch as well.

Wanted to make sure the points weren’t a complete waste. I should probably play around with those 5 a little to see what works best for now. The beauty of starting a new character is a lot of minor respeccing to see what works for me.

Either way, thanks again!! much appreciated

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Its noticeable on bosses, mini bosses and super badasses. Zero does so much damage on initial engagement that you don’t even get to feel the RS stacks with Jakobs on trash mobs.

It is really good on a pimp, one of the easiest gun to get 4-5 stacks of RS on a single shot, and given it is a Maliwan sniper…the stacks stays for a bit. Twister can get 4-5 rising shots if you are lucky and the Bekah will always get 2 per shot.

On Jakobs it goes away so fast that the damage is really felt on 2nd-3rd shot on a single target vs carrying that RS bonus to another enemy. Even on the slower firerate Jakob guns the RS stack decays way too fast. You pretty much have to fan the hammer with Jakobs to keep the stacks on a single target.

Almost nothing about Zer0 stays for a long time, he is all burst.

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