Risk of Rain 2 - Anniversary Update - PS4 & Xbox One

Risk of Rain 2 - Anniversary Update - PS4 & Xbox One

Patch Notes:
Our goal with this update is to upgrade and round out the game as a whole, and also be a ‘thanks!’ to all our fans that supported us through Early Access. This patch includes both new content and updated old content. Let us know if you like it! Note- the Nintendo Switch version of this update is ‘coming soon’ and we will share timing details when ready. Patch notes will also reflect the Switch version once released.

Changes with the :cloud_with_rain: icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community. As always, if you want to stay up to date on the game feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/riskofrain2

Console Specific:

  • New Map added: Sundered Grove

Major Content:

  • Added System: Morgue + Account Stats

    • Browse past runs and all of your account stats - like favorite survivors, progress to completion, or your favorite equipment - now in the Logbook!
  • Added New Survivor

    • New Survivor: Bandit
  • Added New Survivor Skin

    • New Survivor Skin: Bandit Skin
  • Added 5 New Items

    • New Lunar Item: Hooks of Heresy

    • New Lunar Item: Essence of Heresy

    • New Boss Item: Empathy Cores

    • New Boss Item: Charged Perforator

    • New Boss Item: Planula

  • Added 5 New Skill Variants

    • New Skill Variant: MUL-T Special

    • New Skill Variant: Mercenary Utility

    • New Skill Variant: REX Special

    • New Skill Variant: Loader Special

    • New Skill Variant: Captain Utility

  • Added 1 New Monster

    • New Monster: Lunar Chimera (Exploder)
  • Added 1 New Elite

    • New Elite: Perfected
  • Added 1 New Boss

    • New Boss: Grandparent
  • Added New Interactable

    • New Interactable: Lunar Shop Refresher
  • Added 9 New Challenges

    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Sadist

    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Classic Man

    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: B&E

    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Mastery

    • New Class Challenge: MUL-T: Seventh Day

    • New Class Challenge: Mercenary: Flash of Blades

    • New Class Challenge: REX: Full of Life

    • New Class Challenge: Loader: The Thunderdome

    • New Class Challenge: Captain: Smushed

  • Added 93 New Lore Entries

    • New Lore Entry: Monster Tooth

    • New Lore Entry: Lens-Maker’s Glasses

    • New Lore Entry: Paul’s Goat Hoof

    • New Lore Entry: Bustling Fungus

    • New Lore Entry: Crowbar

    • New Lore Entry: Tri-Tip Dagger

    • New Lore Entry: Warbanner

    • New Lore Entry: Cautious Slug

    • New Lore Entry: Stun Grenade

    • New Lore Entry: Backup Magazine

    • New Lore Entry: Armor-Piercing Rounds

    • New Lore Entry: Bison Steak

    • New Lore Entry: Focus Crystal

    • New Lore Entry: Item Scrap, White

    • New Lore Entry: AtG Missile Mk. 1

    • New Lore Entry: Infusion

    • New Lore Entry: Hopoo Feather

    • New Lore Entry: Ukulele

    • New Lore Entry: Leeching Seed

    • New Lore Entry: Red Whip

    • New Lore Entry: Harvester’s Scythe

    • New Lore Entry: Berzerker’s Pauldron

    • New Lore Entry: Razorwire

    • New Lore Entry: Brilliant Behemoth

    • New Lore Entry: Frost Relic

    • New Lore Entry: Happiest Mask

    • New Lore Entry: 57 Leaf Clover

    • New Lore Entry: Dio’s Best Friend

    • New Lore Entry: Wake of Vultures

    • New Lore Entry: Resonance Disc

    • New Lore Entry: Defensive Microbots

    • New Lore Entry: Titanic Knurl

    • New Lore Entry: Pearl

    • New Lore Entry: Irradiant Pearl

    • New Lore Entry: Genesis Loop

    • New Lore Entry: Artifact Key

    • New Lore Entry: Corpsebloom

    • New Lore Entry: Gesture of the Drowned

    • New Lore Entry: Beads of Fealty

    • New Lore Entry: Defiant Gouge

    • New Lore Entry: Mercurial Rachis

    • New Lore Entry: Empathy Cores

    • New Lore Entry: Essence of Heresy

    • New Lore Entry: Effigy of Grief

    • New Lore Entry: Spinel Tonic

    • New Lore Entry: Disposable Missile Launcher

    • New Lore Entry: Foreign Fruit

    • New Lore Entry: Primordial Cube

    • New Lore Entry: Royal Capacitor

    • New Lore Entry: Radar Scanner

    • New Lore Entry: Eccentric Vase

    • New Lore Entry: Volcanic Egg

    • New Lore Item: Hooks of Heresy

    • New Lore Item: Essence of Heresy

    • New Lore Item: Empathy Cores

    • New Lore Item: Charged Perforator

    • New Lore Item: Planula

    • New Lore Entry: Lesser Wisp

    • New Lore Entry: Lemurian

    • New Lore Entry: Hermit Crab

    • New Lore Entry: Solus Probe

    • New Lore Entry: Brass Contraption

    • New Lore Entry: Bighorn Bison

    • New Lore Entry: Stone Golem

    • New Lore Entry: Clay Templar

    • New Lore Entry: Greater Wisp

    • New Lore Entry: Elder Lemurian

    • New Lore Entry: Lunar Chimera (Exploder)

    • New Lore Entry: Beetle Queen

    • New Lore Entry: Stone Titan

    • New Lore Entry: Aurelionite

    • New Lore Entry: Wandering Vagrant

    • New Lore Entry: Magma Worm

    • New Lore Entry: Grovetender

    • New Lore Entry: Imp Overlord

    • New Lore Entry: Scavenger

    • New Lore Entry: Overloading Worm

    • New Lore Entry: Grandparent

    • New Lore Entry: Distant Roost

    • New Lore Entry: Rallypoint Delta

    • New Lore Entry: Scorched Acres

    • New Lore Entry: Siren’s Call

    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Gilded Coast

    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Void Fields

    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Bazaar Between Time

    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: A Moment, Whole

    • New Lore Entry: Sundered Grove

    • New Lore Entry: Commando

    • New Lore Entry: Engineer

    • New Lore Entry: Acrid

    • New Lore Entry: Loader

    • New Lore Entry: Mercenary

    • New Lore Entry: Bandit

Gameplay Changes:

• General

• Final Stage

:cloud_with_rain: The final stage has been redone entirely, with unique objectives and a new, large arena to play in. We won’t spoil it. Please let us know how you feel!

• Low Health Threshold

• 20%⇒ 25%


• All AI now have dramatically improved pathfinding

• All AI now gets position updates on targets who are invisible only every few seconds, rather than losing the target entirely

• Minions

• Drones no longer have resistance to AOE attacks

:cloud_with_rain: All minions now teleport to their owner if they stray past 400m

:cloud_with_rain: All Minions now scale to the ‘ambient level’ of the run

• Developer’s Notes: The ‘ambient level’ is the level of the run that grows over time. Previously, the enemy team used the ‘ambient level’ to set their level. Now, all enemies AND minions are at ambient level. The result of this is that player minions, like ghosts from Happiest Mask, purchased Drones, and yes - the Squid Polyp - will scale much better over time. This matches drone scaling in RoR1.

• Survivor

• Commando

• Update VFX of Double Tap, Phase Round, and Suppressive Fire

• Double Tap

○ * Now fires a single bullet per click

  • ○ Bloom Reset Time: 1s ⇒0.7s

  • ○ Damage: 90% ⇒ 100%

  • ○ Duration: 0.2s ⇒ 0.15s

• Tactical Dive

  • ○ Duration: 0.5s ⇒ 0.4s

• Phase Round

  • ○ Now deals 40% more damage every time it passes through an enemy

• Huntress

• Now unlocked by default alongside the Commando! Her previous unlock condition (beat the 3rd stage) now unlocks the Bandit.

• Engineer

• Both Gauss Auto-Turret and Carbonizer Turret now also inherit your equipment. They won’t activate it, but they will hold it.

• Grenades now have slight anti-gravity.

• Artificer

• Nano-Bomb

  • ○ Tendril Damage: 20% of explosion ⇒ 10% of explosion

  • ○ Tendril Fire Frequency: 0.25s ⇒ 0.125s

  • ○ Tendril Same Target Frequency: 2s ⇒ 1s

  • ○ Developer Notes: This change is made specifically to avoid the Artificer’s Nano-Bomb tendrils proccing Ice and Fire Bands. The tendrils will now fire twice as often, but at half the damage.

• Mercenary

• Blinding Assault

  • :cloud_with_rain: Now has a lingering 0.2s invincibility to help chain together Blinding Assaults in high-latency online games

• Items

• Bustling Fungus

• Start Delay: 2s ⇒ 1s

• Now heals at a higher tick rate - overall healing is the same, but the healing is smoother over time

:cloud_with_rain: Now has small visual mushrooms that grow over the area

• Energy Drink

:cloud_with_rain: Speed Boost: 30% (+20% per stack) ⇒ 25% (+25% per stack)

• Developer Notes: Mathematically, the Energy Drink was worse than the Goat Hoof for speed after the first pickup, even while sprinting. This change will consistently make Energy Drink stronger when sprinting, and also makes its stacking behavior more consistent. This may make the Energy Drink too strong, but it’ll at least make a bit more sense now.

• AP Rounds

• Improve visual effects to be more noticeable

• Focus Crystal

• Damage Boost: 15% (+15% per stack) ⇒ 20% (+20% per stack)

• Now shows radius for ‘nearby’ distance

• Now causes numbers to be pink when active

• Developer Notes: There are many characters and builds where the Focus Crystal should shine through - however, it never seems to be quite high priority enough for the effort required. We’re hoping that by making it both flashier and stronger, players will prioritize it.

• Rusted Key

:cloud_with_rain: Now subtly glows and pulses

• Now grants items at the same rarity as a Large Chest

• Now spawns a Lockbox per player with a Rusted Key

• Now consumes a Rusted Key when a lockbox is opened, and requires a Rusted Key to open

• No longer scales reward chance with the number of Keys in your inventory

• Developer Notes: People have always been a bit confused about the behavior of the Rusted Key, so we made it make a bit more sense by actually consuming a key to open. 1 Key = 1 Box. Since the item no longer gives ‘infinite’ items, we can also make it a bit stronger and make the lockbox more noticeable.

• Crowbar

• Damage Boost: +50%(+50% per stack) ⇒ +75% (+75% per stack)

• Improve visual effects to be more noticeable

• Update pickup text to include the damage threshold

• Developer Notes: Same reasoning as Focus Crystal - there are many heavy-hitter builds and characters, but Crowbars aren’t prioritized.

• Gasoline

• Now deals 150% base damage on detonation alongside the burn effect

• Stun Grenade

• Added visual effect when the item procs

• Bison Steak (New! Yum!)

• Replaced ‘Fresh Meat’ item

• No longer grants regeneration on kill

• Now grants 25 (+25 per stack) max health

• Tri-Tip Dagger

• Bleed Chance: 15% (+15% per stack) ⇒ 10% (+10% per stack)

• Developer Notes: Right now, bleed is okay until you can stack it infinitely, in which case it becomes incredibly strong. We want to smooth out the power curve a bit, increasing the number of daggers required for ‘infinite’ bleed to match the number of Glasses required for 100% crit.

• Lepton Daisy

:cloud_with_rain: Now activates in all ‘holdout zones’, like Void Fields, and not just during the Teleporter Event

• Old War Stealthkit

• Now activates when falling to low health, rather than as a chance when hurt

• Stealth Duration: 3s (+1.5s per stack) ⇒ 5s

• Stealth Cooldown: 0s ⇒ 30s (-50% per stack)

• Bandolier

:cloud_with_rain: Packs now restocks skills by the amount a full cooldown would

:cloud_with_rain: Packs now also apply to stashed skills, like MUL-T’s second primary

• Radar Scanner

:cloud_with_rain: Now details if an interactable is a Barrel, Chest, Drone, Shrine, or something unknown

• Frost Relic

:cloud_with_rain: Now applies ice slow debuff

:cloud_with_rain: Now has a softer visual

• Damage Coefficient: 150% ⇒ 300%

• Radius: 3m (+1.5m per kill) ⇒ 6m (+3m per kill)

• H3AD-5T v2

:cloud_with_rain: Now calculates damage from distance traveled, not speed on impact

• Developer Notes: Even though this makes less sense from a physics standpoint, it will align better with player expectations. Super long fall = big boom.

• Resonance Disk

• Redo firing logic to be more understandable

• Now grants 1 stacking buff per kill, lasting 5 seconds

• Now fires the Disk at 4 stacks, resetting all stacks

• Defiant Gouge

:cloud_with_rain: Monster Spawn Points: 100 (+100 per stack) ⇒ 40 (+40 per stack)

• Developer Notes: A single Gouge would spawn way too many monsters. Now, having 1 or 2 Gouges should be a reasonable option.

• Focused Convergence

:cloud_with_rain: Now activates in all ‘holdout zones’, like Void Fields, and not just during the Teleporter Event

• Queen’s Gland

• Limit of deployed Beetle Guards now doubles for Artifact of Swarms

• Halcyon Seed

• Changed summoned Aurelionite pre-stack scaling from current-difficulty-based hp + damage bonuses to leveling up to the ambient level like other summoned characters

• Summoned Aurelionite attention span: 5s ⇒ 15s

• Developer Notes: Aurelionite’s raised attention span should make it less likely to get distracted by weaker monsters attacking it so it’s more likely to spend its time fighting stronger monsters.

• Mired Urn

• No longer capable of targeting and healing from allies

• Monster

• Hermit Crab

• Base Damage: 4 (+0.8 per level) ⇒ 12 (+2.4 per level)

• Mortar Projectile Count: 3 ⇒ 1

• Mortar Projectile now has more visible trail

• Developer Notes: When fighting Hermit Crabs, it’s always been difficult to parse where and how many there are. To help clarify their behavior, we made it clearer so 1 mortar = 1 crab.

• Parent

• Health: 900(+270 per level) ⇒ 585 (+176 per level)

• Update visuals to match closer to RoR1 design

• Update animations

• Greater Wisp

:cloud_with_rain: Can now be stunned and frozen

• Lunar Chimera (Golem)

• Health: 1900 (+570 per level) ⇒ 1615 (+485 per level)

• Twinshot Attack

○ * Total Shots: 4 ⇒ 10

  • ○ Damage Coefficient: 2 ⇒ 1

  • ○ Force: 8000 ⇒ 1000

  • ○ Now fires in series, rather than all at once

  • ○ Update visuals to be less noisy

  • • Raised the aim origin to be closer to its cannons so it can fire more accurately

  • • Lunar Chimera (Wisp)

  • • Tracking Bomb

  • ○ Damage Coefficient: 6 ⇒ 5

  • ○ Speed: 90 m/s ⇒ 60 m/s

  • ○ Update visuals to be less noisy

• Beetle Queen

• Summon Beetles

  • ○ Beetle Count: 5 ⇒ 2

  • :cloud_with_rain: Now summons Beetle Guards instead of Beetles

• Scavenger

• Now properly spawn as elites

• Developer Notes: Apparently, Scavengers were already spawning as elites - with their health and damage buff - but did not have their elite equipment (Burning, Glacial, etc). Now they will.

• Void Reaver

• Added a minimum distance between bombs

•SPOILERS! Final Boss, Last Phase. SPOILERS!

• Base Health: 1000 (+300 per level) ⇒ 1400 (+420 per level)

• Added stagger state triggered by taking high damage

• Item Steal

○ * Now consistently returns items as you deal damage, rather than randomly, i.e if you have him at 50% health, you will have 50% of your items back

  • ○ Now consistently returns items to players in multiplayer in order (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4) rather than per-player damage

  • ○ Now returns items in the order that you found them, rather than in reverse order

  • ○ Now utilizes Crowbars

• Stages

• Bazaar Between Time

• Now allows you to reroll shop contents, at the cost of 1/2/4/8… lunar coins

• Wetland Aspect

• Altered stage layout to add more identifiable landmark areas

• Sky Meadows

• Reduce initial map monster spawns by -24%

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed boss items spawning more frequently than intended, especially when more items drop from multiplayer or Mountain Shrine bonuses

  • Fixed large rocks in Titanic Plains clipping into the camera

  • Altered geometry slightly to make more difficult to accidentally go out of bounds on many stages

  • Abandoned Aqueduct now has defensive tar fully circling outside of the play area

  • Fixed korean language characters missing in certain cases

  • Fixed some animation issues on the Loader

  • Fixed physics issues with Commando’s Frag Grenades

  • Fixed certain drones not having 360° vision, causing them to attack or heal less

  • Fixed Lunar Chimera’s death animations not matching the sound timings

  • Fixed more occlusion issues in Sundered Grove and other maps that cause objects to disappear at certain camera angles

  • Fixed certain survivors not removing their limbs when picking up Paul’s Goat Hoof or the Royal Capacitor

  • Fixed Helfire Tincture’s burning effect being offset

  • Fixed Chain Lightning and Razorwire making trail renderers that were not being cleaned up, potentially causing infinite objects in the scene

  • Fixed Mini Mushrums making hitboxes that were not being cleaned up, potentially causing infinite objects in the scene

  • Fixed certain effects incorrectly rendering while the player has invisibility

  • Fixed enemy Beetle Guards not appearing in Void Fields or with Artifact of Dissonance

  • Fixed Vultures having base health regeneration

  • Fixed the ending sequence explosions missing an authority check, causing it to fire additional projectiles for every client in the game

  • Fixed Stone Titan and Aurelionite missing an authority check, causing them to fire an additional projectile for every client in the game

  • Fixed broken drones spawning underground

  • Fixed several monsters playing death sounds and creating the usual visual effects when vanished by Void Reavers

  • Engi Grenades now properly play impact sounds

  • Fixed Alien Head particles not being affected by invisibility

  • Fixed Titan’s laser lock-on only being calculated once, rather than continuously re-evaluating

  • Fixed Titan’s laser lock-on not respecting invisibility

  • Fixed clients not being able to use the exit portal in A Moment, Fractured

  • Fixed 3840x1080 resolutions being unable to navigate the Server Browser

  • Fixed the final boss’s crystals not being correctly colored

  • Enemies who are stunned, frozen, or shocked no longer continue to turn

  • Fixed dedicated server sometimes capturing the mouse cursor

  • Fixed transparent blue spawn point debug visualizers for certain map objects (like explosive pots) being visible to non-host players

  • Fixed game browser not filtering out lobbies and servers running on a different version of the game

  • :cloud_with_rain: Fixed Solus Control Unit not being selected as a boss due to a misconfigured spawn card

Additionally, all hotfix patches following the Anniversary Update on Steam has been implemented into this version for console.


It appears Aegis still is completely not working on console, im personally surprised that this is unknown.

Captains Beacon ability is unavailable on the final stage:( No Diablo strike for Xbox…

-PS4 bug report:

-some Brass contraptions have tiny hitboxes (seems to be just above but slightly smaller than the bell).
EDIT: a tiny amount of shots interact with the normal hitbox. the current one is the top of the actual bell and the connector chain.

-Drones pathing is making them crash into their owners. Healing drones in particular spend half their time hard ramming into the player. Kinda huge issue when they also body block players ranged attacks.
EDIT: yeah so they are either smashing into the player or the ground. a TC 280 was killed by beetles because it spawned, flew straight down and pinned to the ground until death. Also seen emergency drones and missile do this

-As Kipeace5 said Aegis still dosnt do anything.
EDIT: wait yes it does. and its awsome

-Chance for player to fall infinitely on final stage (Mithrix stage). Tested one respawned up top normally after a few seconds of falling. Other player fell for 4 minutes before quitting

-Enemies knock up value is bugged with an extreme value. Thought it might have been intentional when a beetle guard ground slammed a player 20 metres into the air, decided it was likely a bug when alloy worship unit used its knockup move sending the player into the skybox in under a second, causing them to take fall damage when respawning on the ground
EDIT: This is effecting the enemies too. Player using mercs rising thunder secondary and a few backup magazines was able launch enemies so high into the air that the fall damage was killing them. wild
EDIT: doesn’t seem to effect Acrid??!??
EDIT:during Mithrix fight this knockup can throw the player so hard they clip into the roof and cannot come down. pretty terrible way to end a run

-Large chests and lockbox chests sometimes display with lid shut after purchase. No price displayed visually but can still be pinged to see the price
EDIT: Only in multiplayer

-Commencement stage assets missing in multiplayer. Host could use and see the stage as normal. When host took 70% damage they read as ‘dead’ for one of 1 players. This player could no longer see the hosts model. This player had mired urn which was able to tether to the host but they could not see the tether or any of the hosts pings. Only the host could see and interact with the 4th pillar of mass when charging. Only the host could see and interact with the void portals in the boss room upon defeating Mithrix meaning all but the host were trapped in boss room. Whatever this bug is equally whacky and awful for the last stage
EDIT: This is not a one off. Every time we try and finish the game in multiplayer the above happens meaning we can never actually ‘board’ the rescue ship even if its charged making winning in multiplayer impossible. Thankyou Gearbox for porting the game without you there would be no console version but this patch has ruined it for multiplayer which is such a shame

-Brass contraptions hit boxes are too small

-players and enemies are experiencing extra knockback

-Malachite urchin models linger after the player kills them…

-Captain beacons can’t be used on commencement, unless the player dies and revives with a dio’s best friend.

-Infinite ATG, sticky bomb and Behemoth procs, one known cause is having a charge perforator and hitting an object like an urn or floating rock, but outliers have been reported - https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdbloodedScrumptiousLEDDoggo-YOaj_35S8puV0nuj

-Multiplayer crashes/disconnects

-Lingering AoEs will sometimes keep dealing damage after you leave them, movement abilities seem to make it more common - https://streamable.com/sn0fsx

-(PS4) all characters locked

-Sticky bombs deal 100% total instead of 180%

-All captain’s old unlocks are unlocked by default

-Captain’s Taser often doesn’t work (Broken since 1.0 release)

-Chrysalis dash is far too short

-Sawmerang inflict no debuffs

-Sawmerang sometimes causes frame drops

-Sentient meathook causes frame drops

-DoTs can proc exposed while playing Mercenary

-Acrid’s Epidemic only applies poison once per jump

-Captain’s supply beacon selection is inverted

-Artificer on-death ice effect plays too many times

-Engineer harpoons mess with proximity mine cooldowns

-Damage boosting items/crit affect band procs

-Thunder gauntlet shocks enemies in a circle instead of a cone

-Infinite falling on commencement

-Death mark takes 5 debuffs, not 4

-Royal capacitor double hit

-Overloading elites apply 2 orbs instead of one

-Wrong intro music

-Enemy invincibility, maybe be related to artifact of evolution and dio’s

-High fire elite trail damage

-Weird enemy spawning:

—Elites start spawning immediately

—Teleporter bosses spawn too powerful, too many, as an elite super early etc.

—minibosses spawning early

—Enemies spawning with temporary broken AI

—Perfect Elites are strangely rare if they spawn at all

-Cleansing pool hasn’t changed, pinging shows what will drop

-In Multiplayer non-hosts can’t leave mithrix arena after fight

-Headstompers don’t do damage

-Bandit drops to 1hp randomly late game

-specific newt alter on scorched acres crashes any non host in multiplayer

-Loader’s slam is extremely loud and is unaffected by sfx slider

-Very loud sound glitch when critting, may be connected to scythes or predatory instinct

-Heretic clips into walls easily

-Acrid clips into terrain when interacting with chests, mainly stage 4 levels

-High speeds can cause clipping into grandparents

-Commencement spawns way too many pillars, cauldrons and pods, seems to spawn every possible spawn everytime

-In multiplayer sometimes non host can’t see pillars

-Engineer turrets do not hold equipments

-In multiplayer chests sometimes look closed even if they are opened by someone else

-Clone bosses for the vengeance artifact unlock spawn under the stage and can’t be killed

-mired urn still leaches allies

-mini mushrooms that heal on an upper area in sky meadows sometimes have their healing circle appear on the lower floor below them

-Planula doesn’t work with hellfire tincture, some reports of it not working at all

-The escape ship occasionally won’t spawn on commencement

-eretic doesn’t hold items on her model, breaking crowdfunder

-Nonexistent map in the logbook

-enemies missing from the logbook


-bandit spawns with 1 hp

-if you get hit by mithrix you get stuck in the cealing from knockback


-void field sometimes doesn’t spawn enemies at all

-you can proc the AIR and crash the game

-acrids alt m2 doesn’t heal

-aegis dosen’t work properly if not at all. broken since 1.0

-missing animation for bandit’s jacket, artificier’s coat and Huntress hood and cape when moving, running or jumping

-drones stick to and bump into the player

-enemies often attack the player when they are invisible (mostly the stone titans with there lazer)

-aim assist activates on ally monsters

-Sometimes, the bustling fungus healing zone doesn’t appear under you

-The sound and text from tougher times doesn’t appear when it procs

-After beating the game with heretic, and restarting the game, the character logbook becomes locked again.

Thanks for the update gearbox. Loved the long wait since 1.0 (October last year), only to have the same bugs persist with even more new bugs!

Hey man. Your list makes me look unobservant. As im reading yours im realising im experiencing alot of these as well. I found out that https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001615171-Risk-of-Rain-2
here might be a good place to bug report for the gearbox team. Im sure a bunch already have but I think its worth putting your list in a ticket as well.