Risk of Rain 2 Console Artifacts Update - (PS4 01.05, Switch 1.0.7, XB1

Hey there!

This is the fourth major content update for Risk of Rain 2 on consoles. With this update we are focusing on long-term content, replayability, and flexibility in the way you play.

==== Major Content and Changes ====

  • Added System: Artifacts

    • The hunt is on! Be the first to explore the planet and find the secret to unlock 16 powerful and mysterious Artifacts that will dramatically change the way you play. We expect Artifacts to be the biggest feature to date in terms of replayability to all players.
  • Added 16 Artifacts

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Honor

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Enigma

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Spite

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Soul

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Death

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Vengeance

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Metamorphosis

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Dissonance

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Chaos

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Frailty

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Kin

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Sacrifice

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Evolution

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Glass

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Command

β—‹ New Artifact: Artifact of Swarms

  • Added New Stage

    • New Stage: Sky Meadow
  • Added 2 New Music Tracks

    • New Stage Track: The Rain Previously Known as Purple
    • New Boss Track: Antarctic Oscillation
  • Added New Hidden Realm

    • New Hidden Realm: ???
  • Added 5 Skill Variants

    • New Skill Variant: Commando Utility
    • New Skill Variant: Huntress Primary
    • New Skill Variant: Acrid Utility
    • New Skill Variant: Acrid Passive
    • New Skill Variant: Engineer Utility
  • Added New Skin

    • New Skin: Engineer Skin
  • Added 2 New Monsters

    • New Monster: Mini Mushrum
    • New Monster: Parent
  • Added New Boss

    • New Boss: ???
  • Added 6 Items and 2 Equipment to the game

    • New Item: Repulsion Armor Plate
    • New Item: Squid Polyp
    • New Item: Death Mark
    • New Item: Interstellar Desk Plant
    • New Equipment: Sawmerang
    • New Equipment: Recycler
    • New Lunar Item: Focused Convergence
    • New Boss Item: ???
  • Added New Chest

    • New Chest: Equipment Triple Shop
  • Added 5 Character Challenges to the game

    • New Commando Challenge: Godspeed
    • New Huntress Challenge: Finishing Touch
    • New Engineer Challenge: Zero Sum
    • New Engineer Challenge: Engineer Mastery
    • New Acrid Challenge: Easy Prey
    • New Acrid Challenge: Bad Medicine
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game

    • New Challenge: Automation Activation
    • New Challenge: Cleanup Duty
    • New Challenge: Never Back Down
  • Added 3 New Environment Logs

    • New Environment Log: Sky Meadow
    • New Environment Log: A Moment, Fractured
    • New Environment Log: ???
  • Added 8 Lore Entries to the game

    • New Item Lore Entry: Repulsion Armor Plate
    • New Item Lore Entry: Squid Polyp
    • New Item Lore Entry: Death Mark
    • New Item Lore Entry: Interstellar Desk Plant
    • New Item Lore Entry: Sawmerang
    • New Item Lore Entry: Recycler
    • New Item Lore Entry: Focused Convergence
    • New Item Lore Entry: Ghor’s Tome
  • Various performance & stability improvements

  • UI Overhaul

  • Various Bug Fixes

Thanks for dropping into this update - we hope you all enjoy everything that is new! As always, we appreciate the continued support and we have shared the updated console roadmap above so that you have an idea of what to expect with the next upcoming update.

Will split screen come out on 1.0 launch?

Is the update live now or are we talking a couple days?

Hey there, thanks for the update. I tried to play the artifacts update version in PS4 but I cannot even start the game because controller does not work after the update. After pushing random buttons I was able to reach the class pick but that’s it.

Also I figured out the save data looks empty. Even commando is not available. Players in US seem to be enjoying the game but here in Japan we are waiting for the fix! Perhaps you’re already aware of this issue but I’m bringing this up just in case.

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Hey, my game is unplayable now. Literally. Lost all saved data and cant even select a character or go to the settings menu.

I’m in the US and having the same problem