Risk of Rain 2 Console Patch (PS4 1.02) (XB1 (Switch 1.0.2)

Hello there!

First, we want to thank the amazing Risk of Rain 2 community that has celebrated the launch on console with us! Below you will find a list of new features and bug fixes that we have just rolled out for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, along with various performance improvements.

Additionally, we recently released a new Development Thoughts where we detailed how updates are being handled and that the Skills 2.0 update will launch in December. Thank you for the continued support and we will continue to update the community with our progress.

=== New Features ===

  • Nintendo Switch now supports gyro aim
  • Xbox One now supports Voice Chat
  • All consoles can now navigate the menu using the D-pad

=== Bug Fixes ===

  • Fixed an issue where audio settings were not remaining saved
  • Fixed an issue with framerate when 1 or more drone is present on some maps
  • Fixed an issue where drones would get stuck at the beginning of a level
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to unlock Artificer upon completing “pause” challenge
  • Fixed an issue with Commando’s phase rounds not registering damage
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to join or invite a multiplayers lobby after the host had disconnected
  • Fixed an issue for Rex when using disperse on a Newt causing him to disappear and prevent activation of interactables
  • Fixed various maps where enemies would fall through the ground
  • Fixed The Demons & The Crabs achievement & challenge on Xbox One
  • Fixed an issue on Switch where airplane mode displays continuously
  • Fixed a bug where Buffs and Debuffs last about half of the intended duration
  • Combat shrines are now functional
  • Unlocking challenges no longer causes a hitch
  • Fixed a hitch from happening when dropping the Warbanner
  • Various performance & stability improvements

Hey thanks for the fixes, it seems on the Switch first now online when you try start a game you can’t, you can only start a game by Enter QuickPlay

Thank you for the great game. Would it be possible to add Gyro aiming to the PS4 version as well? Paladins did it after they made it for the Switch and it made the game so much better!

Thank you