RK5 TVHM help - Unable to complete

My char is Athena and Im level 46. After numerous tries, I am unable to kill RK5 and progress through the game. Can someone please offer any insight into what weapons I may need? This fight is very frustrating.

i always make sure to go into that fight with a corrosive vladof sniper, parts don’t matter it can even be a bit underlevel, and make sure to have a clear skies oz kit even if it requires a little vendor farming. the oz kit can also be underlevel here it will work just fine.

my swab-centric boomtrap got stuck here as well but these two pieces of gear solved the problem.

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Thanks. I am unable to find such a sniper rifle though. I tried to see if I could do the zarpedon fight again to try and farm something but the entrance collapsed. Trying to run around and check the weapon vendors too has not led to any success either. Is there an area that I can farm for the weapon?

Rk5 can be a total pain, I run a melee Athena so I feel your pain, what I do is use a viral marketer (or just a corrosive Hyperion shotgun) but any strong corrosive weapon with fast projectiles/good range will do the trick, from there just keep jumping back and forth accross the mad using jump pads, the enemies shouldn’t be able to hit you and you can safely take them out or rk5. Don’t stay in one place, that is the one thing I would say that can ruin the fight, it won’t be fast but I’ve found this method is almost a garunteed kill and very safe

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Thanks for the tips. Ultimately, I had to cower in the elevator shaft with a friend and drain the RK5 slowly. We eventually got it. I found a Dahl corrosive sniper and came back for revenge. Farmed his arse like 5 or 6 times lol