RNG on gear packs may need some work

Over 50 normal Jennerite packs in the past 2 weeks… no skins, no taunts, no legendaries, 2 epics :stuck_out_tongue:

That is some dang bad luck. I HAVE however gotten 500 credits about 8 or 9 times. If my understanding is correct this is what you get when you get a skin or taunt you already have… why not just re roll another skin or taunt :stuck_out_tongue: I have sunk over 120 hours in this game already and based on the drop rates in these packs I will not get all the skins and taunts in the next year.

I kinda feel like when we reached rank 100 Commande packs should have been added to the shop for like 3000 to 4000 credits so we could start collecting skins and taunts for our favorite factions.

Idk if im the only one who feels this way but I feel like this rng, even though there is no real money involved (just time spend earning credits) is the kind of rng you get from a slot machine. “Come on champ just 4 more hours of credit grinding who knows maybe I will pay out”

Anyway if you have experience, possitive or negetive or thoughts on the Bought loot packs system please share.

In all my time playing in the Early Access Preview, the Open Beta and the full/release version of the game I’ve had streaks where I didn’t get any drops from bosses and I didn’t get anything from loot packs. Then I’d suddenly have a streak of Legendaries from bosses and/or skins/taunts from loot packs. Then it will either go back to nothing or just a trickle here and there and so on. It’s random. Not entirely but I’ve seen some people who are blessed by the RNG and others who feel like it is taunting them intentionally.

See as a person who spent over a year of his life farming mounts in WoW I have some thickheaded determination when it comes to the braving rng these packs… Its getting down right demoralizing to the point where I wonder if I’m playing to have fun or just to see if I can beat the rng ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

The majority of packs I have opened have been Eldrid in a feeble attempt to either get Thorn or Mellka’s taunts. I finally got one for Thorn today after several weeks. I can’t complain since I’ve had everything for Miko drop and something for several other Eldrid characters whom I have not even played as yet in typical RNG fashion :confused:

you actually just gave me a great idea. something awesome they could do is allow perhaps wins with characters within a faction grant reputation for that faction. once you reach a certain faction reputation level, then the skins and taunts for that faction could be available for purchase.