RNG Question Double drop from the Bunker!

Okay so the back story here was I was farming the bunker and I got a double drop. Now this is where it gets weird he dropped a shredifer and a fabled tortoise. Like WTF? Does anyone know the RNG or probability of this happening?

Very cool drop. two world drops from the bunker. nothing from it’s dedicated loot pool(bitch and sham). I would imagine that to be very rare. I have had world drops from the bunker. even pearls. but never a double world drop. I have had a bitch and a sham drop on the same run. I even posted the vid in here. in regards to your drop, it’s possible, just very rare. :slightly_smiling:

Its the second shedifer Ive gotten from him lol. And I got a volcano like 3 kills after.

Yeah he tends to be pretty popular for his world drops. Why just the other day he dropped me a deep veruc, slag too! The fact that it had an element. I don’t know why but I have the hardest time getting elemental gear…

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The process seems to roll for elemental versus non-elemental, and only then for type of element. If you want some very preliminary numbers, look in my RNG and loot guide.

I got 2 Bitches from him once. Got the first one, and almost walked right past the second. Saw the orange bar, and thought “Cool.” Saw what is was and was “WWHHHAAAAATTT ??”


And the chances of that are still astronomically low… Got hit by a few lightning strikes in your life before? (and sorry about back then, I explained poorly :frowning: What you experienced is absurdly rare)