RNG vs Reward: Mega Farm: Results and Analysis

Here are my results of farming the Rico shield for 4 days.

A total of 232 runs on PS4. The load-up speed is horrendous…

In the first gif it shows the anointed Ricos I farmed - although included in there are 4 that I traded for. But I can’t tell which, so I left them in.


In the second gif are examples of the 144 variants above base - but without anointments, with as few repetitions as I could keep track of. So many here I wanted anointed.

The rest were base and most of you probably know what that looks like,


To see the shields in more detail see my trading posts:

The Great Anointed Rico Trade

Anaylsis: I ran the experiment on M4 after completing the DLC with a luck boosting artefact.

Overall, I am struggling to see how RNG this random can be considered a reward for completing the DLC at the hardest difficulty setting. There are just so many variants of shields, but so few of them come anointed - even though at M4 it’s all you are looking for - the anointment that matches your build… The odds are just too much to encourage end game farming.

I will let you make up your own minds on that theme.

Going forward I really hope the developers can structure the farming to produce realistic anointed farming options for M4, end game players want something to motivate them.

The time fillers, and RNG obfuscation, are just not good motivation to play at M4.


Legendaries arent end game for anyone that plays on M4.

They could slash the legendary drop rate 90% if that meant the ones that did drop came with annointments.

They are making the game not fun.

Farming with good rewards is actually fun.

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Those .gifs are tiny tiny and not expandable.

Yeah I realized that too late (the site compresses them)… I am just linking the trading posts with all the variants…

The first one is up…

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Gearbox , is time to truly respond to the fact that drop rate is crap and 10% drop rate isnt enough for the amount of possibility in borderlands 3

Yeah, I think by now we can pretty much safely say that the people who complained about legendary rates on release were absolutely in the wrong. They came in with the same mindset and preconceptions as Borderlands 2, when Borderlands 3 is a different ballgame with the anointment system.


Imagine how I feel on xbox. I’ve done the dlc 9 times now trying to get an sntnl rico.

Dont waste your time. Back ham is just as good.


And yet I am still seeing posts of people saying the drop rates are fine or they only need a slight increase.

I can only assume they play video games to truly struggle and not feel rewarded for whatever reason, or they’re just getting perfectly rolled annointed gear around every corner.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my real life isn’t fun or rewarding enough for me to want to play video games and not have it be a joyful experience. I don’t want everything handed to me on a silver platter, but if I work hard in a game or put it on the highest possible difficulty I would expect the game to reward me appropriately.

Clearing the final boss of a dlc on TVHM M4 and getting one non annointed legendary 3 runs in a row isn’t my idea of a good reward. It’s crumbs from the dinner table at this point, and as it’s been said many times before at this point we are hunting for great rolls, annointments, class specifics, AND particular items. All at once.

The world drops are one thing, the dedicated drops are quite another. Either way, what we have now simply isn’t enough.


OMG the way XBOX works the game needs better farming methods…

Scary thing to think about is when the level cap gets bumped how most of this gear becomes moot.

I haven’t tuned into the Borderlands 3 shows at all (out of fear of spoilers) to see if they have discussed if there’s going to be some kind of mechanism this time around to make the gear transition when the cap increases less painful but I really hope they do something.

One idea I was thinking about to aid in this was if we could get rid of Crazy Earl’s vending machine and instead Ava could learn how to anoint weapons. First you’d have to find a blueprint/schematic for a specific anointment (maybe we could have a specific raid boss that drops these. Or they could be tied to the bosses at the end of the trials where each trial boss has a pool of anointment schematics they drop). Once you have the blueprint/schematic, you give it to Ava along with the weapon you want anointed and some Eridium and she anoints the weapon.

There are a bunch of elements to this that can be fiddled with, such as:

  • Whether the anointments should be locked to only work on a gun of the same level
  • Whether there should be a percent chance of the anointment matching what you desired based on how much Eridium you spend
  • Or if the blueprint/schematic are single time uses or Ava can save them in her journal

for fine tuning.