RNGesus is a fickle $#@&%

I have gotten some pretty cool drops from rank and file enemies. But I get nothing from bosses…WHUT?
What are your experiences with RNGesus in B3? I want more. Because more.

A decent amount of legendary stuff in NVHM on my first character. I saw a triple legendary drop pre-mayhem. And I think a double from another boss.

Far too much for how easy Mayhem 2 still is when I unlocked it. Granted, that is mostly boss farming, but regularly triple drops.

My first playthrough with my brother we got at least 20+ legendary drops from all sources (world drops, bosses, side missions, main story etc.)

Yeah, my boss legendary luck has been poor as well. Of my 6 legendaries so far, I think only 1 came from a boss. 2 were quest rewards, 3 were world drops.

I think the drop rates are pretty good compared with BL2. A couple bosses I got legendaries on the first kill. My wife didn’t though. I don’t think she’s gotten one from a boss. I hand them down to her, so it’s not a big deal. What’s mine is eventually going to be hers.