Road Dog broken?

Saw the Redline and went to farming in over a 6 hour stretch on MH3. Killed Road Dog at least 20’ish times. He dropped one purple, a couple of blues then Never dropped loot again. Went back today farmed him only 2 times ( no spawn on 4 ) out of 6 tries, again drops NOTHING. not even a clip of ammo. Went to MH2 tried 4 more, 1 spawn NOTHING dropped.

Road Dog to me seems broke as hell. Can ya check?


Took me over 80 kills of roaddog to get the freaking thing personally on M3 and xbox. Lord knows how many base runs I did because this POS doesn’t like spawning as i’m sure you well know :confused: If it’s any consolation I don’t really like the weapon all that much (mine was cryo) it didn’t seem all that great lol I get the want to add it to the collection tho if you are like me lol the only thing I can suggest is keep on keeping on. Definitely a horrid rate tho for both spawn and drop on this one, I can attest to that

Yeah, right after I complained he spawned and dropped it, and it was his only loot drop. Still this is insanely busted loot table. I probably hit 60+ on MH3 with only about 1 in 3 spawn. that’s cool rate for a rare. But the loot drop rate is just broken.

Running a shotgun Zane just wanted for the collection. But seriously it’s broken.

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You are preaching to the choir. He spawned maybe 1 in 8 for me maybe a cool 1 in 10 aka 10% which is I think the spawn rate on rare enemies if I remember right. Def the most painful farm i’ve had in the game so far, but AT LEAST HE CAN BE FARMED for a a drop, unlike the myriad other legendaries in this game that are just stupid RNG world drops for w/e dumb reason :frowning:

Let’s just hope they’re gonna up the droprate on items from rare spawns a little. I have the feeling that all of the drop rate nerfs also affected a few items that were previously dropping as intended.

Same for me here, he doesn’t drop anything

yeah ive killed him around 15 times after he dropped it for me trying to get a better roll and nothing has came out not even ammo.

So, is there a special trick to killing him to get him to drop loot? Even after the Rare spawn loot buff he drops nothing for me. I have maxed luck, loaded dice with +luck, and mayhem 4 on. He hasn’t dropped anything at all in 57 kills.

He’s still broken. I’ve been trying to farm him today and he is dropping NOTHING. I might have gotten a small amount of cash. But most runs? I get squat.