Rock god tiny Tina dlc

I just got back into playing and I’m running through Tina dlc. I know you can level golems to rock gods but I can’t remember why you want to; do they drop anything special?

personal accomplishment haha. the rock god is harder than most raid bosses unless you are slavador. otherwise, he wont drop anything other than purples.

thank you, I couldn’t remember and I tried google with no luck.

Well he can drop random legendaries. I just dont think he has any specific one assigned to him

nah if he drops a legendary, its a world drop.

Yea thats what i said. A random legendary

try to spawn him and beat him without any moxxi weapon

Alongside Iron Gods, Rock Gods are just ‘there’; no reason whatsoever to level them up to God rank besides testing your mettle. Both require a lot of work to kill with the loot being worth the effort. While not as tough as Iron Gods, Rock Golems are only a wee bit easier due to not being classified as armored enemies while also being vulnerable to critical hits in the form of their heads. They hit just as hard though, being more than capable of health gating a player with their attacks.