Rocket Launcher Day!

Last night I dropped in to the Guts of Carnivora to get mobbed so I could complete the melt 300 enemies daily vault card challenge. Revenge of the Cartels is enabled 'cause I like seeing who’ll stop by (Mayhem 10). A funny thing started happening as the Legendaries began to drop.

After the first three or four rocket launchers, I thought, Well, long odds, but kinda funny. By the time I got through the level, out of about 20 legendaries, only two were NOT launchers. I walked out of there with piles of Tunguskas, Jhericos, Rubys and whatnot. Other levels I had visited earlier had had normal distributions of legendaries.

Weird, no?

Isn’t this due to the anniversary event?

Sounds about right with the current event


Thank you both!

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I was just in the Splinterlands and it was hemorrhaging legendary pistols… figured it was something like this, thanks.