Rocketeer Bug - Lasting only 15 seconds

Does Rocketeer have known bugs? I’m on Xbox.

  • I was using Raging Bear. I respecced to have Dakka (yep full respec just for 1 point). I slapped Rocketeer. I went to Proving Grounds. Auto Bear will only last for 15 seconds. To fix this: I exited the game and went back. Problem resolved.

  • I did more PG runs after 5 hours. In one of the PG runs, I decided to wait for 5 seconds for Security Bear. For some reason Auto Bear only lasted 15 seconds. Ok maybe there was a very strong enemy killing my IB. But it happened again 2x. So I travelled back to the vending machine where there are 0 enemies. Called out bear and exited. Well he lasted 15 seconds again. So I exited the game and came back. Problem resolved.

So the first one is probably understandable bug because of the respec, but the 2nd one is a puzzle. I tried recreating 2nd one but I can’t. It’s an issue because when playing coop, it makes my Moze weaker on foot because I don’t have my Bear out for the whole duration. My Moze can still kill but if I just wanna do that, then I will just go with my GM or BM Moze.

There’s a known bug that causes rocketeer to not work if you are not the co-op host.

A similar thing happens to Flak with gamma burst.

Submit a support ticket to 2k.

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Dang bug. It happened again. This time I’m not the host and yeah Rocketeer was pretty much useless because bear only lasted for 15 seconds.

Edit: I wonder if there is a workaround

Have you had it bug out when you are the host? I couldn’t tell from your post above

I never saw the bug when I was the host in Xbox. The times where it bugged I was not the host.

The simple fix was to quit the game and find a new one with me as the host :rofl:

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Yup, that’s what I was going to say haha. Just can’t join someone else’s game with Rocketeer.

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