Rocketeer Com & Auto Bear Skill

They’re something I been curious off but few questions

  • Does Auto Bear skill needed for Rocketeer com or Rocketeer has a built in skill that don’t need AB?
  • Would the Auto Bear annointed last as long Rocketeer keep Iron Bear active in a battle? Essentially giving me long lasting Fire bonus?
  • If I swap weapon and swap to a weapon with Auto Bear active annointed, would that activate back?

I feel I can’t get comfortable proc ASE on Moze as she does the going in/going out animation and holding O (PS4) to exit early is annoying. I wanted to try the Rocketeer com and have some annointed bonus active

  1. You need the point in auto bear
  2. Yes.
    3 No. switching weapons breaks it, unfortunately.

Maybe I misunderstood the pony but is what you’re saying if I get out of IB with an ase anointed weapon switching to a second weapon with “while auto bear is active” it won’t proc that second anointment?


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@megadethwm Yeah that my third question. I was thinking of swapping to Eruption to debuff tanky enemies and back to the weapon with AB active annointed but I think that’s okay I can use it as weak mobs to take out.

I see I can make use of this then. I really don’t like ASE on Moze and feels a bit of a hassle for me. Same with Zane with I can make him have infinite AS going making ASE useless. I do find ASE super useful on Amara and Fl4k the way how I use them

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I’m personally a little bummed out it doesn’t work the way it reads but atleast guns with low mags can atleast take advantage of it.