Rocketeer legendary mod, what is the deal?

So I’m relatively new to Moze, level 32 and halfway thru normal. But I’ve gotten 2 legendary class mods already, a bloodletter that’s basically useless until endgame and a rocketeer. So I’m excited and pop it on, running a BM build mostly but thought hey, why not put it on for free turret fun, reminiscent of Axton turret builds. And I keep calling down IB, hopping out and expecting IB to fight alongside me, per the legendary effect. And it keeps disappearing.
Why is this happening? Is the mod bugged? I thought the special effect allowed IB to stay out it’s full duration even if I get out early? Do u have to have a point in Auto Bear for this to work? If so, that’s kinda lame.

Yeah you have to have autob.

Do you have Auto Bear from the blue tree? It’s the one point skill in the third row. Rocketeer needs that to work.

Whelp crap. Thanx for the replies. Gonna have to wait to use that one as well.

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