Rockets! does not suck!

Many people think this weapon is trash. Maybe it isn’t good, but definitely not trash @DemoniteBL

It’s not trash, but it’s far from being a top weapon. Granted, it’s probably better on Krieg than on anyone else since Hellborn Krieg specced in PiP will get crappy crits anyway

For my money though there are better guns overall for Hellborn Krieg.

Kudos to you for trying out underrated weapons, that’s how great discoveries are made. Too many people will just use what other people recommend on the internet and never try anything. :acmaffirmative:

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Thanks, I appreciate that. Also, the reason I tested it, is because Demonite did a review of it and it performed REALLY bad. But he used it on Axton, and I thought that Krieg has amazing synergy with it, so I decided to test the one I found today. Krieg mainly boosts fire rate and body hit damage, but certain builds, like this, are lacking on crits. This weapon does not crit, therefore there is no drawback for using this weapon on Power Toast. Also the KerBlaster will outperform this by a longshot, an elemental one that I used will outperform explosive, because of the huge damage boosts on the right enemy. Also the Jakobs grip is best with this loadout, as the mag-size is irrelevant and the fire rate too, but the extra dmg this grip gives is priceless.

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Sorry, but as someone who tried to actually build around these weapons on several characters, they do indeed suck. They can’t crit, the accuracy is still suspect, increased ammo per shot, and crappy fire rates. Not to mention self damage for pitiful damage against unslagged targets, and let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t slag a target right away.

There were points in your video where it seemed like a waste to switch to the rockets, as you could have killed them with the Slagga. Also, you had to build entirely around that weapon’s faults just to make it slightly less trash, as you’re ammo count was still in the red a few times. If you got a non-unique bandit barreled assault rifle, it would outclass the rockets just by having a larger functional mag, fire rate, and crit damage.

There are indeed other weapons that are in its tier of mediocracy. However, they have something going for them at least. The Landscaper can bore, the logans gun has 2 explosions, the evil smasher at least has a chance to be good. The only other gun that sucks as bad is the Wanderlust. The rockets just don’t really have anything (besides looking really effin awesome).

From personal experience, using that build you have with a slow hand would completely blow the rocket out of the water. For a non-unigue variant, vladof rocketeers are a million times better than Rockets.

And if I come off a bit strong with my hatred of this weapon I apologize, but I spent 1.5 years and 5 characters (one being my only max level Zero) trying to find ways to make this gun worthwhile. Rising shot+ followthrough, wreck and infinite slag, anarchy and the better half, metal storm and onlslaught, having 2 of the fricking things, nothing really made them decent. Which makes sense when you consider that carnages in BL1 weren’t the greatest either.

And while it is commendable getting the thing to operate, doing so doesn’t mean the weapon doesn’t suck. It means you made it look less sucky because you’re a good player. Big difference between the two.

To be totally fair, Zero is probably the WORST character to take advantage of that gun :stuck_out_tongue:
With a power toast COM, this weapon has no real drawbacks.

In the same train of thought, you should really give the Bandit splatguns a try: they will act a bit like the rockets, consume less ammo for more shots and just as the rockets, they don’t crit.
Also, since it can’t spawn with either a vertical grip or a crit accessory, your chances to get a good one are higher. I would go for a Bandit grip and a reload accessory (since it also increase fire rate and mag size slightly)

Wow bruh, you nailed it, no more can I say in defense of this thing lol. Thanks a lot for the feedback and telling me what it is like on other characters. Also, yes the OP2 Tediore-gripped slagga does more damage, which makes me ask one thing, is this weapon THE worst in the game?

I have tested the Bandit Splasher Blashters, and they are indeed very potent, and fun.

And unfortunately it can spawn with a crit accessory.

Honestly, he isn’t that bad at it. Besides having all those crit increases, Zero has very potent fire rate increases, which is what I wanted to tap into. Two Fang, fearless, followthrough, ambush, be like water, and rising shot seemed like a great way to seriously up the DPS of the rockets.

Turns out I was wrong.

Also, bandit splasher blasters are awesome. I used to have them in my sig before the forums were redone.


That’s right it can spawn with the crit accessory. I got confused. I had mentally cut it off as worthless, so that’s probably why.

WORTHLES?!?!? The weapon is pretty damn decent, especially compared to other splatguns.

I believe he meant the crit accessory.

But would the performance stay the same on OP8?
Just wondering.

Oh god, this is getting confusing, which weapon are you on about?

Chuck was saying he forgot the crit accessory on the splatguns because the accessory is worthless.

Otaku is talking about the rockets.

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Ok, well, you shall have to try it yourself, or hope that @STREFE_ tries it out. I think it will, but the DPS will be much lower.

I will eventually get to OP8, but I am taking my time and enjoying the game.

I was talking about the crit accessory
On a splatgun, it is indeed, totally worthless

What I meant is I had it cut off in my mind as being worthless, so that’s where my confusion about whether or not the gun can spawn with it comes from.

Oh ok, sorry.

It’s called Rokets!, not Rockets! !! >:[

No-one cares, most people probably noticed that, and so have I.