Rockjaw Tournament live now

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Streamers from first group playing now:

Streamer from second group playing now:

RockJaw Gaming Twitter: @RockjawG


It just so happens that I am already watching this. :wink:

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Iā€™m watching right now on ps4. This is going to be so fun with a spectator mode.

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Bohan716 stomped with all that poking.

This is really slick. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for coming out and watching tonight guys! League is happening every week so join on Discord and get involved in the growing competitive community. :slight_smile:

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Not a problem. :thumbsup:

Im interested fornext week.


Who won?

Have a team?

My team did, Draconic Force. Competition was much better this time around. Nice to see the other teams improving from last weeks.

What were the team comps like? Who was banned most often?

Marquis, Thorn, Galelia, were most banned. We banned Marquis every single game we played. Team comps ranged from game to game. Sometimes you had all range and other times you had all close-range. Seemed like what worked for us the best is a mix of 2 waveclearers, support and 2 close-range/melee. Alani was banned completely due to not being on the tournament drafter we used on

Will these matches be viewable after the stream at some point? Uploaded to you tube or something? Would love to see them,

I have my view of my matches on my twitch that are archived. As well, one of my teammates, Leviathan has a youtube channel that he will be posting video of his view. I do not know about the other teams.

Still putting together a team. Is it to late to register?