Rod, top pistol for Krieg

I found this perfect Jakobs barreled Torgue pistol, realized I never used it before pretty much, tested it with a sham and Flash Crunch, did bad. Then I set up this build, and DAMN IT’S GOOD!!!

Also recorded a good clip in Opportunity, but haven’t uploaded it yet.

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Nice find! It seems like a good Purple rarity pistol for your current build and equipment setup (especially the COM that boosts Explosive damage). But, I would hazard a guess that a same level DPUH (Explosive) would likely outperform it which is why it probably wouldn’t post a spot on the Top Gear for Krieg thread. Also, it is much easier to acquire the Unkempt Harold (Explosive), since you can farm Savage Lee or the Torgue vending machines. Granted, getting the ‘Double Penetrating’ prefix and ideally a Torgue grip is not exactly easy. IIRC, an OP8 DPUH (Explosive) with a Torgue grip does just under 600k x 2 dmg per shot.

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Well done captain obvious.

I’m joking, you just said exactly what I expected someone to. The reason I said it was top gear is because in the world where an Unkempt Harold doesn’t exist, this pistol would be awesome. And yes, my DPUH will one-shot ANYTHING with this build.

Any purple pistol outperforms some legendaries or pearls in my opinion.

Well then I am glad I didn’t disappoint you :smile:

True. Of course it depends what that Purple pistol is and how easy / difficult it is to acquire and what comparable Legendary, Seraph, Pearlescent or even Unique alternates are available and how easy / difficult they are to acquire. I like the Vladof Anarchist Pistols, but have yet to find one with a good prefix, element and parts. I also like some elemental Purple rarity Dahl pistols, but have yet to find a good one of those. The character and build and sometimes even supporting equipment also need to be taken into account. For example, for most characters and builds the Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol is the best Corrosive element pistol to use. However for a pistol build Zer0, an Infinity (Corrosive) is actually a better option especially with a Sniper COM that results in 11/5 or 10/5 One Shot One Kill. I’m not really a fan of the Infinity pistol, but with that setup it makes sense.

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With a proper build, the Hornet blasts with loaders.
And well, we have the Wanderlust. Made a video in Sawtooth about it. Maliwan purples do it quite well to be honest.

Ikr, purple Malian pistols are pretty damn good.

That infinity Zero build should not count as a genuine build, it uses an exploit.

Rod is like a low tier 3. Maggie is top tier.

It’s fun to use though

Never said it wasnt.

Viable pistol sure, top pistol no.

So its a top pistol but not viable

I don’t care, I really like it. It isn’t top tier by a longshot, I know, I just posted this really late yesterday and didn’t really think about it.

Well your video says top tier.

I just explained exactly why I put that, also you’re are getting rather annoying, please stop.

No… You cant tell me what to do

No, but I can nicely ask you nicely, which I did.

Youre not my supervisor