Rofl big zane pvp issues please help

so we have been experiencing some issues with zane in particular and its with his barrier in pvp. When he shoots through his barrier the bullets don’t travel through it they get blocked by the barrier.
here is a video i took and we tried this in multiple games and with my zane and my friends zane and it still happens


by they way at the end of the video i love how the flakker just goes through the barrier like nothing lol this is what it looks like when you fire it with zane and your shield it up

also when a zane fire at the shield and not a mose this time

we haven’t tried out every gun but with this one the molten frasier i believe it was not shooting were they rectical was pointed it was shooting higher then were he was aiming

please fix zanes barrier lol even in pve im getting hit with the most random dmg from things that the barrier should be stopping like rockets sometimes or splash damage these things should not be getting through. not to mention wind damage from some badasses i don’t know what its called but it looks like someone blowing O’s with a cigarette. The barrier should be able to protect you when it is up but i still find that in pvp and pve im still getting hit by things that aren’t making there way into the barrier. it ruins the calm cooled collected skill which you need to try and keep it up 100% of the time.

even moze’s grenades work through the barrier lol especially the electric hex ones that every god like moze uses with the transformer shield to never die and dish out massive damage