Rogue Sight/Going Rogue bug (or at least, curiosity)

Funny little issue when I started this mission… I’m playing Amara and have the Indiscriminate skill, where bullets that hit have a chance to ricochet. In exploring the areas containing the hidden rogue-sight marks, as I killed the enemies there all the marks got hit automatically as rounds ricocheted onto them from enemies. I never once looked through the Rogue Sight’s sights.

I’m curious whether Rogue Sight shots can ricochet from targets (or between two marks) regardless of skill loadout, since Jakobs weapons have the ricochet ability.

Seems like the marks should be immune to ricochets. Not sure what kind of code that would require.

I think they are built in target-able for the reason that Rogue Sight is an auto aim weapon and will guide to the target as well. You can also hit the marks with splash damage.

I’ve had that happen as well. I don’t think I had the skill going at the time either. Seems to happen in the swamp area for me most.