Rogues character - Khares

Name: Khares ‘‘The Furious One’’

Sex: male

Species: Enhanced Human

Faction: Rogues

Khares was one of the test subject of ‘‘Nhuman Project’’ a secret research made by LLC to create enhanced soldier to deploy against Varelsi. Something went wrong during experimentation transforming Khares into a rage-fueled psychopath which destroy everything on his path while he escapes. Eventually Khares reach Detritus Ring where he set up, soon becoming feared by all other factions including the Consortium which try recover him many times without success.

Role: Attack

  • Skirmisher
  • Territorial
  • Advanced


  • Armor of Rage: Khares’ personal red-painted armor, alongside the various genetic and cybernetic upgrades, grant him a good agility and an unnatural resistance to wounds and pain, keep him to recover very fast.

  • Furychild: his massive axe is a deadly tool of destruction which Khares used in combat with unnatural precision and fury

  • Plasma pistol: built by an unknown Rogues weaponsmith, this pistol shoot plasma bolts and can be overcharged to shoot more powerful but slower rounds

Overwhelming Fury Device: when Khares is surrounded by 4 or more enemies his damages with the axe are increased by 20%

Plasma Pistol: the weapon has 20 shots magazine. Each shot deal 30 dmg; overcharged shoot deal x2 bonus damage and has splash damage, each shot consume 5 ammo and has -30% speed than ordinary one.


  • 5,5% range
  • 15,50% shield penetration
    Mutation: each charged shot consume 3 ammo instead of 5.

Axe of Berserk: the weapon make 6 attacks in combo. The first 3 are light attacks, the other 3 are heavy attacks.


  • 6,5% attack speed
  • 10% damage
    Mutation: heavy attacks have 5% chance to deal critical damages

Fast Recover: if Kahres remains with 25% health he receive a 9,75% regeneration bonus and a 4,55% damage reduction bonus for 25 seconds

Furious Slice: Khares hit the enemy dealing 92 dmg, knock back the target and reducing damage resistance by 5% for 10 seconds. (cooldown 20 second)

Increase damage resistance debuff by 2 seconds
Each heavy melee attack with the axe reduce Furious Slice cooldown by 2 seconds
Mutation: the skill deal additional 39 dmg over 3 seconds

Bodyslam: Khares dash forward dealing 45 damage and stun the enemy for 1,5 seconds (cooldown 35 seconds)

The skills has 5% chance to deal critical damage
If Bodyslam miss the target the cooldown is reduced by 8 seconds
Mutation: Bodyslam can damage and stun up to 3 enemies

Berserk Furious Charge: for a short period of time all axe attacks deal critical damages, attack speed is increased by 5%, movement speed by 4% and other skills used has a 50% cooldown bonus. When the skill is active Khares cannot use plasma pistol. (cooldown 125 seconds, when active last 13 seconds)

All heavy attacks deal +3% dmg
All light attacks deal +5% dmg
Mutation: the skill duration time is reduced by 40% but attack speed and movement speed are increased by additional 4%

Really good! A few notes. Bodyslams damage is so low it seems to just be a stun. 5% attack and 4% movement speed is barely noticeable, so I’d increase those by a bit. Bodyslams mutation seems really overpowered. Only sublimate is that strong, and it was nerfed and is part of his core kit. Last, this is just me nitpicking, but red and angry sounds more Jennerit than Rogue

Bodyslam can be considered as a stun attack just to block the enemy and then kill him with the axe, which is the fulcrum of his weaponry. Attack and movement speed bonus are low because the axe has already an upgrade in attack speed and because many gears already give both stats such bonus in order to avoid to create a too much OP character which looks Flash albeit such buffs are temporary. As I wrote in the Bio Kahres was an LLC test subject which went mad and so become a Rogue because he want stay away from the Consortium.