Roid Rough Rider Needed

I’ve been farming for the Roid Rough Rider for a good few hours today and have only got the basic Rough Rider. If anyone has a spare one to trade or to gift by mail then please add me on Xbox, GT: SmallLimez

I’ll have a look what I have later for trade as I have a few banks full of level 53 gear on multiple accounts.


Doesn’t the game always consider it full which is why it works with CCC Zane? Therefore roid would never work.

Well, I wasn’t farming for one and one dropped with the +15% movement speed when sntnl is active anointment.

And it does work as a roid shield. Just tested it with a Facepuncher on the dummy in sanctuary. Was doing 2935 damage without, and doing 4345 damage with it…not built for melee either.

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Wonder if that means it will work with infiltrator I may want to test that out once I hit the new level cap.

I don’t suppose any of you have a spare one to trade?

A big thank you to whoever just sent me one in the mail! I believe it was “AdrunkenMess” so if so thank you!