Roid Rough Rider shield

Hello everyone , has anyone a Roid Rough Rider shield for me?
Hat jemand ein Roid Rough Rider Schild für mich? Vielleicht hab ich ja etwas was einer von euch gebrauchen kann.

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i only got an anointed adrenaline rough rider if you want

Thx but I search for the roid rough rider

add me on PSN: calebismybro I know it’s not anointed but you can have it if you want, do you have anything worth trading? Anointed transformers or grenades?

Everyone wants this Roid version, what is so special about this? Is it to use it with the face puncher and always having roid in your shot?


I have lots of stuff I am willing to give up for a roid rough rider…just let me know what your looking for !!!

Note to self - test how they fixed the shield; if they made it to always be active - a deathless moze could do melee

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it is the new glitch, by equipping and re-equipping it, it increases the melee bonus. do that for a few minutes on your damage could go into the millions.

Enjoy guys while it lasts.

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Lovely, well fl4k can have a melee week…this could be fun :grin:

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it works with everyone. they are one shotting wotan and all. lol

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Yes, luckily found 1 with terror health regen on the last day of bh that ive been meaning to try out… more than 1 fl4k with my build n we’d be immortal

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Ah ■■■■, i dont play like that :). Thx for the explanation mate :).


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It means it is always melee damage up since the shield is always broken.

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to farm roid rough rider for days to no avail on the drop. If you got a spare, I might have something to trade with yea. Psn name is Dilsnic

You have any gamma burst annointed stuff

Like gear wise or weapons

I do have 2 weapons gamma burst,

can i get a copy of this by any chance

I have one up for grabs as well

Yep add me same name.