Roid shield woes - can we have one with 0 recharge rate?

Gearbox: here’s some interesting roid shield mechanics good for not just melee but also movespeed, fire rate etc.
Also gearbox:

For the love of god.

Anyway, my suggestion is to add a unique roid shield with a recharge rate of zero. It would prevent the guardian skill from messing with you, moze’s aoe shield recharge from messing with you, amara’s (!) shield recharge delay skill from messing with you…
And they could also make it a booster shield, that way, you could get shields if you really need it for some reason. They could even have the boosters grant a mild, unique bonus, have the players do a balancing act between the extra melee damage and the booster’s effects (move speed, armor, cooldown rate, whatever).

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Or just give us an option to turn off the guardian skills and guardian rank boosts.
Also you already have a shield like that, its the rough rider and it can spawn with roid. You do however need to boost its capacity with a class mod or artifact, so that it counts as depleted when it has 0 shield.


Or how about fix the Rough rider shield so it is always completely depleted like it was in BL2. Being a completely depleted shield was the whole purpose of the Rough Rider back then. However this game thinks the shield is half full when it is actually empty.




this, its simple. I was excited to see the rough rider in BL3 untill i discovered its not like in BL2

The rough rider is obviously not working as intended currently