Roisen's thorn question

I have two roisens thorns with the following modifiers:

#1: fires two shots/2 ammo -anoint extra shot on fear

#2: +150 blast radius -anoint 125% blast dmg on skill end

As I understand it the dp varient only doubles the single poison projectile in the center and not the whole cluster of shells.

My other variant, I am a phase lock siren constantly phaze locking everything every 10 seconds and so it would seem as though I would effectively be x5 my damage based on the cluster of rounds rather than just doubling my single poison shot.

I cannot find a for sure source confirming this one way or the other and was curious about community thoughts on this as I am trying to finalize gear for the upcoming maliwan backside encounter. Thank you in advance for any input you all offer!

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Seems like #2 is a better choice. I havent gotten that gun so i cant say for sure, not knowing how it works.

@ironjango. Lmfao. Maliwan backside!!! :joy:

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That’s not how the math works, it’ll just slightly more than double your damage (X2.25 to be specific) but yes the single shot one with the 125% splash dmg anoint is almost as good as it gets for Roisens. Will definitely outperform option one as that is the weakest base version (no extra side rockets on the 2nd shot) and one of the weaker anoints (it’s only a 30% chance for an extra projectile if you have 3 stacks of terror)

Really? It only doubles the 1 projectile? Does it still consume the extra ammo?

I’ve dabbled a bit in that augment, but only on single bullet weapons, and there it works as “tw0fang” did for Zer0 in bl2.