Roland call Moxxi after vent cientist through airlock at Jack'a Office

Hello, this is driving me crazy. I heard Roland call Moxxi after vent cientist through airlock at Jack’a Office and he said something like: “Moxxi, we need to talk”. Im sure he said it but i cannot repeat the event a tried every time e he doesent call moxxi. the line is before completing the mission or after? it is related to the Eye of helios shot?
Thank you

Not seeing it in the mission transcript for that actual section, or the one immediately following. That said, it does sound familiar…

It does happen, albeit randomly at times it seems. I wish we still had the echo log from BL1…


If i remember right, i got my reward gun with Jack, open the inventory to see the gun and when i exit got Roland doing the talk. SO i repeated and repeated every possible way and nothing happend. So anyone know what trigger the line?

Maybe you need to wait to speak to Jack longer? NPC dialogue is always superseded by player-triggered dialogue (even moving ahead to the way-point marker can override it.)

Wasn’t it after the airlock?

yes it is, I’ve heard it everytime. I know it’s after the airlock opening, but haven’t paid much attention to it after that as to whether it’s before or after you turn it in

I will try again and see if i find how can it be done. usualy after turn in the mission roland and lilith go to the window so i dont think is that time but… i realy dont know

I think one of the other posters was right - it might happen soon after the airlock is vented. I bet if the player is too quick to approach Jack, the line gets cut off, which is why so many have missed it.

hmmm, i know it happen with a lot of other lines but not with that one. Just tried this recomendation but he wont said it at all

Well, after a while i find a way to Roland trigger the line “Moxxi, we need to talk” though no why its trigged by this way:
Just after openning the airlock and the scients, u know, - get some “air”- get in the way of Roland to he not get in final position before you can turn in the mission. When you get the option to turn in go quickly wihile Roland still walking and he will drop the line after =)

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