Roland's Adventures on Pandora

I’ve been playing Roland a lot lately. I parked Lilith due to the dry spell on loot she seems to be in. Roland has been on a hot streak. This was a good mobbing run up to Knoxx. I included the fight with Knoxx.

edit: I’d like to include some Co-op runs with Roland in here.
@Stouty22 @billthebetta @Geomason any takers? :smiley:


I love how that Serpens eats them alive!

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I couldn’t agree more. It was my first pearl I wanted for Roland, for obvious reasons. I think it was my 2nd or 3rd pearl with Roland. Really happy with it. My next big item is the Nemesis. I want to find that thing so badly.

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yes , found a few with my Mordy and Lil but as a drop from Craw, now I want one from the armory…especially when tech showing so many of them…

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Same here. All my Nemesis(only on Console) were Craw drops. I’ve never found one in a lance chest.

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Roland’s adventures on Pandora continue…
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Continuing Roland’s adventures on Pandora, now with the newly released enhanced version of Borderlands. I took Roland for a spin using the new Gearbox Legendary Shotgun: Baha’s Bigger Blaster.
i drop it and take a good look at it for those that haven’t seen it yet.

You can obtain said shotgun at The Vault. The center red chest(smack dab in the middle) has a guaranteed Gearbox Legendary Weapon spawn. It also drops from Craw.

Joltz made a vid of how you can easily obtain this.
Here is the game play…