Roland's Starting weapon in Borderlands 1

So I have noticed that Roland’s starter weapon, CR20 Rusty Machine gun, is only one of its kind. It has the body1, Which is only used for Combat rifles made by Dahl, Hyperion, and Tediore. It is also automatic making it the only combat rifle to do so. It is also the only Combat Rifle to not have a scope on it. This gun is pretty much a hybrid of both Combat Rifle types. What do you guys think?

Brick starts with a Vladof shotgun that uses a mag Vladof never has otherwise. Might either be a oddity, or maybe, maybe a remnant of a build where certain weapons were not restricted to certain weapon types.

The mag of the Revolution has a code the removes burst fire from combat rifles. But this is relying on data posted on the Wiki, so take it with a grain of salt.

Is it possible to mod it with Willowtree to make it more powerful?

You could try it. You should at least be able to level it up! Make a few copies, start changing one part at a time, and see what sticks. I would suspect the specific part is the body, so it probably wouldn’t be very good no matter what you did to it.