Roll out patches on PC first

Haven’t been able to find info, or statements from Gearbox about this. Is it possible to release patches on PC once they’re ready, rather than waiting for the console authorisation process to finish so they can release them all together? Akin to what they do in Warframe.

I know they’ve said that consoles have a larger population than PC, but there seems to be no real reason they couldn’t roll out patches on PC while they wait for Sony and Microsoft. Positive changes would be received by at least part of the player base quicker, and positive feedback. Plus they’d get quicker info about whether changes they made work properly, or were sufficient/heavy-handed.

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Most games release patches on PC first, then consoles afterwards. It just makes sense, these aren’t cross-platform, so there’s no need for parity here.

Go check out Warframe. PC patches release usually once a week, while consoles are like once a month or so. It allows new patches to be tested as well, for bugs and all that.

They’re only holding the game back by doing it this way.

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They are probably trying to keep it the same for a reason. You never know if xbox or PS are going to reject a patch due to bugs. If you keep it the same on all platforms your not having to deal with two or three versions of the game and sorting out all that data. It also gives them more time to buy test and polish things up before they go live.

They would have more testers and way more statistically significant data by releasing it to a larger crowd. And be able to squash the bugs you speak of - without waiting yet another month for a fix. Right now, as the other posters said, the game is being held back by limitations that don’t exist on Steam.