Roller coaster mini game

So does any one know what in the building after u do the roller coaster with shooting the targets.
Just woundering because i cant do it at all i get motion sickness just tring it lol.

It opens a door to a red chest.


For that roller coaster ride, swap out to an SMG with at least a 50+ ammo capacity, a high fire rate, and a 50-75% Accuracy. It makes hitting those targets a lot easier, just hose the target area and you should hit the target. Not sure but I think after you start the ride there are only 5 of them you have to hit. It took me a couple of tries. The one at the end was the trickiest because you have to start firing at it on the turn and down under the track to get it fast enough.

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I have the platinum trophy and I have no idea what is going on here. Can someone fill me in on this?

There is a mini game type deal, in the splinterlands I believe, where you can start a roller coaster ride and during the ride there are targets you can shoot and if you hit enough of them it opens a door to a red chest.

That was fun little side thing. I like roller coasters.


Ooohh where where!? I wanna do the thing!

Near a typhon log in the south of the splinterlands.

I can’t get past the electric barrier, it blocks me out. Moze with Transformer shield, what’s the deal?

There are 3 or 4 tarkets to shoot while on the ride. If you hit them it allows access to a red chest. I used a Conference Call.

You have to sit in one of the first before you shoot the target that starts the ride. Just walk close and you’ll see a command key.

P.S. Did it first try :stuck_out_tongue: