Rolling Thunder - any good?

Just found a Rolling Thunder in a Vendor - never tried this particular grenade before, what’s it like?


Spawns a couple child grenades and can decimate enemies a lower levels. Every bounce it does has it’s own explosion.

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Nice, thank you.

It’s level 37 and I’m just heading into TVHM so I’m sure it will dominate!

Rolling thunder is fun, but you do need to be careful as there’s a possibility for self-harm. The best use for it (and its equivalent in BL2) is to drop it down on enemies below you. Fortunately, there are lots of places to do that in TPS!


Nice, nice!

In BL2 I could see potential for it, as the “room full of baddies” was a thing. In TPS, there are less mobs and they jump and fly …I see little potential end-game for it.

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Thanks, guys.

Mainly just trying to mess around with stuff I’ve never / rarely used at this point, effective or otherwise!

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Question - can you get a Homing and / or Sticky Rolling Thunder?

Nope, delivery mechanism is fixed to rubberized

…and element is fixed to explosive, while fuse time is sort of irrelevant.

basically, if you like the RT, you can’t get one with bad parts :smile:

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Thanks, Chuck.

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I stopped using ot back on BL2 after about the fourth or fifth time I tossed it at an enemy only to have them jump out of the way and my grenade hit an obstacle and come back and kill me

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Places to use rolling thunder:

  • from the upper levels of Frostburn canyon onto the lower
  • from the upper levels and storage crates in the Titan Industrial Plant etc
  • from the upper rim of any canyone or gulley in the Outlands
  • from the south platform of Bunker onto the lower platorm and rim
  • from the walkways in Sawtooth cauldron onto the ground below

You get the idea…

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Sweet !

Do you have a similiar list for TPS? The game i found it in…

Sorry for the confusion!

Damn recycled Legendaries!