Rolling thunder

What is everyone’s opinion of rolling thunder?

It’s got its place. In the middle of the big fracas with the Kraggon mob when you’re just passing the Drakensburg for the first time? Awesome. In the Holodome? A bit less so.

I can either take it or leave it. Doesn’t seem to make a massive amount of difference to me when I play.

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Depends on how you play. On UVHM, I don’t rely on Wolf to kill a painted target. I paint and I kill asap. Imo, Rolling Thunder is not something you focus on. You focus on keeping Wolf and Saint out as long as possible, and if you go down in the process, Wolf will have enough power to help give you a second wind.

I stay away from the left tree as much as possible - Paint is the only real useful thing in this tree.
The best DPS comes from the right treem followed by the middle tree imo.

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Many thanks for the replies

Overcharge is Wilhelm’s Best DPS Skill.

and I traded it for rolling thunder, ok

Three words…

Chronicleer of Elpis

I sometimes use the fighter COM so i drop 1 point into it.