Ronin Minions are Scary!

Anyone else just immediately jump back when they see Ronin/Samurai Minions on a map? Like…just instinctively, as if there was heavy trauma with your first time meeting the wretched things?


I think that’s the point. Fear the blade, unless you’re Rath. Then you show them what true skill is! …or Kleese because their shields are the only thing to be afraid of.

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The ronins and scavs could use a nerf.

…Most definitely need attention.
I believe the Ronin are ruining the game, many people I play random Story modes with are sick of the team going down.
Can show you a screen shot last night of 7 Ronin at once attacking me while a MX Elite and both H3NCHM4N were stalking me. Not possible to survive.

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The problems with those robots is that they deal heavy damage from close up AND from medium range, plus they are pretty darn sturdy. I don’t think there’s any way for melee characters to survive them during the early levels without the whole group focus firing them. Which is a bit hard when you have like five of them rushing rapidly at you.

The Ronin’s are super fast, strong, and good at almost any range. I think the big thing I do not like about them is the fact that they ALWAYS come in groups of 3 or more. They also sound a bit annoying after a while. Shield penetration would prove useful against them. Even so…they are still hard to kill especially when you fight like 4 at the same time.

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Their ranged snare doesn’t help matters, much.

They’re the “Thrall Brute”/“Varelsi Skaven” of robot maps, I find: lesser enemies that are capable of surprising bursts of damage, and the most likely to lead to party wipes.

I think Thrall Brutes are the least threatening actually. Most of the time they get easily stunned by critical hits and their heads are easy to hit for some reason.

I don’t actually mind these types of enemies though. I just likened the first time I saw one in open beta to a kind of post traumatic stress…to the point where whenever I see a Ronin Bot I go like “KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE AND LIGHTNING!!!”

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Oooh those always suck. I run with a shield pen build on maps where I know they’ll be stalking because they’re so damn annoying, that melts them pretty quickly

The only time I fear a ronin is in advanced mode those things are terrifying since their shield is many times more than their actual health bar. But if you get good shield penetrating items it makes them a walk in the park. The only thing I have a problem with now are beast masters since they have a ton of shield and health and will spawn minions forever if you don’t kill them fast enough.

there ok i think, just need to be aware of their presence. if anything should be lowered maybe the elite bots grenades insta 1 shots :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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(Ronin) Problem is in Advanced when 4 of them target you, they move damn quick and hit like Tyson in his prime!! Even 1 in Advanced is damn tricky even if you know they are there. If there are no healers around…ummm.

(MX Elite) Again, in advanced those nades do serious damage and when there is ■■■■ tons of things going on, not too easy to see them land near you. I agree they could ‘tone them down’ a bit.

Did the Algorithm last night with a four man squad, no healer. We lost all our lives before the first mini-boss because of the Ronin and Elite bots. After that we smashed it :wink:

Plz just let me pick a ronin in pvp :smiley:


NO! No more Gally like OPness please. ;p

The problem with the ronin is their stupid slow that makes them so hard to get away from. That said, I hate the Ronin as much as the next guy, but I don’t think they need fixing. They’re part of the campaign, which is less about having the most balanced experience, but rather something fun to do, or an additional challenge for those who want it. On normal mode, they’re really not much of a problem, and on higher difficulties, they’re just a unique challenge that players need to handle.


i can see that mini boss room being scary in advanced. i mostly play normal im a filthy casual forgive me :mask:

It’s not as scary as the horde of minions you have to fight in the third phase of the Geoff fight.

I think Ronin are a lot easier to deal with as melee bruisers. I eat them for breakfast as Attikus but play really evasively against them on squishier ranged characters. I think nerfing them is a bad idea because I think some soft rock paper scissors in PvE keeps it fresh for replays on different characters.

The MX Ronin bots are definitely fearsome, but I am glad because they are one of the few enemies that truly make a team play smart.

I love the part in The Algorithm when you are about to fight H3nchm4n and a number of them spawn and just wreck everyone. It actually keeps me alert because (at least on normal) most episodes can be a bit boring. It is rather hilarious to see three or four teammates drop within seconds of each other as these bots tear us to shreds with perfect coordination.

So no, please do not nerf them. They are where they should be and, to be honest, punish lazy play more than anything. When you do play as a team and CC them and focus them, they are not difficult. When they wreck you is when your team splits up and does their own thing, then get picked off one by one.


Ronin one-on-one are EASY. At any significant range, their attack is slow and easy to dodge. When they try to bull rush, quick melee is the answer. Use a ranged attack if you can, and if not, just run em down with successive melee-bullrush combos.

Now, two ronin is a trick. Three or more simultaneously? They’ll need to be priority numero uno for the team, and if you’re solo, I feel for ya. That’s RNGesus showing you some wrath right there. Kite, AoE, CCs, and lots of prayer. GGClose