Ronin thread, Story mode, please speak up

I really find this amount of damage in normal story mode is one of the things that currently hurts this game.
The Ronin are OP at the beginning of the game.
I know their AI can be adjusted because on The Archive they are not a problem at all, matter of fact they act rather slow.
I’m really good with Alani and did everything I could to escape these three, in the end they did a ton of damage and took me out because all three of them slowed me down, and you know Alani is slow enough already.
(I’m a big fan of this game, 277 hours into Story mode since the game released, but I hate these Ronin with a passion.)

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You’re not the only one, WC. I tend to be the one that chases them down because I play the tank/defender character. If I’m playing support, I’m playing hide-n-seek with them and hope our defender can take 'em out instead.

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It’s quite easy to take them down no matter what character. Obviously as Boldur or Galilea I just run towards them and cut them down

But even on other characters such as Miko or Thorn all you gotta do is back pedal while shooting. They rush towards you then hit for a few times then rush towards you again. Just let them start to hit then back pedal and you won’t get hit. Shoot them while doing this

If you are having trouble still - Go next to the many explosive barrels in that room and stay there until a Ronin attacks you. Just make the barrel explode and it’ll usually kill them also or do a lot of damage to them

I don’t really have a problem with them but the only enemies that honestly always seem to kill me are those Varelsi Hunters(?) (the smaller ones that crawl really fast)

They creep up on me so fast and next thing I know I’m launched dead into the air haha

I honestly think The Algorithm is by far the hardest mission in the entire campaign.

Right from the very start and up to Henchmen, you’re matched up against some very annoying combinations of mobs, which can prove hard to pass for a level 1 ( both char level and helix ) character. The ronin are the shiniest examples.

Not to mention Isic who is barely doable with a melee character, but that’s another story.

The arguably big amount of bots, humanoid robots, flying robots is a pain, really. It’s even more annoying the more players there are…

…How many hours do you have into Story mode?
From your post you have not seen their best yet.
As for Thorn, I’m very good at Thorn and have been cut down many times by them because they can slow you to nothing and jump from one area to the exact spot you are.

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Yea umm I’d disagree with that, they have a slow cross blade that turns you to a crawl and when there are multiple ronin it can be disastrous. They are not “easy” with every character. If you have ranged attacks or a way too slow them down it becomes “easier” but by no means are they easy enemies

The worst is The Algorithm from the beginning up to Henchman. Like 4 or 5 ronins on you equals dead battleborn

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yeah I always have to remind everyone to watch out for ronin as their shields are very tanky and they hit like trucks with a ranged slow…They definitely catch you by surprise and sometimes theres not much you can do about it. For casual players I could see how this can be a turn off…Some mini bosses melt faster than these things.The story mode needs rebalancing

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It might be annoying on hardcore, but otherwise you can lose a few lives at the beginning and then your leveled up enough to crush the rest of the level. That bridge fight is tricky if you are playing with new players who just rush right across it without taking out the sniper bots up top or trying to flank if it’s all melee characters, but if you know to stay back and let stuff come to you, it’s not too bad. I think the defense missions are worse because they are all set on hardcore mode… the defense point goes down and mission over. Then we go into the issues discussed elsewhere not his forum about defense points not scaling in health to 5 player difficulty (I know they buffed them, but they didn’t fix the core problem, which was that they don’t scale to the increase in enemy health and numbers with more players).

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They are a problem. The people saying they aren’t obviously never set foot in Advance mode. In Advanced The Experiment, you normally get 4-5 of them spawning right at the very first wave. Of course when you work together as a group, taking them down is simple, but with The Experiment, the very first protection mission is protecting 2 POINTS, which means the group is normally split up. Since you can’t just ignore one point, that leaves either 2-3 people trying to kill 5 Ronin enemies, and the players of course end up dead, then the Ronin attack the point, and it’s game over. To make matters worse, since it’s right at the start, you don’t even have that many abilities available to you, since you might be level 2 or 3 max. Gear could increase chances, but since The Experiment on Advanced is so damn difficult right at the start, you spend all your shards on the turrets to try to even the odds.


…I try and do the same thing.
It really can lighten the air and keep them from rage quiting.

I feel you. When three are suddenly around you, you’re in NORMAL mode, and… Poof, you deyead son. Just kinda staring at the screen like… What? I play a ton of online, I play story with characters I’m a beast with usually to get easy credits, and I like Algorithm better than most maps… But those things are insane, and losing lives ruins your credit gains and BLAH I Must KILL THE SAMURAI!! I will become techhnological advancement and make them obsolete -.-


Yep. The Ronin on Algorithm get way out of control very fast. Even one-on-one in Normal mode, the Marquis can’t fight his way out if cornered.

From what I’ve seen, whether or not our team gets through to Geoff without any respawns is directly related to how many Ronin spawn between the start and the third checkpoint. We’ve taken to trying to kill the teleporters first, but since they disappear and reappear on their own, this isn’t sure-fire either.

I don’t expect BB to be easy, but in the first map on Normal mode, I think the Ronin may be a tad overpowered.

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