Room Decorating: Room is TOO DARK

I love the idea that each character has a unique looking room to personalize. BUT… there’s an issue with the room as it is right now.

  1. LOTS of room decorations… only 3 hangars to put room decor up. Travesty!!!
  2. Room is way too dark. Even when you have the decor up, sometimes it’s hard to see because the room itself is in a perpetual shadow.
  3. The guns that you display on the wall … please get rid of the rarity outline. The wall mount itself has the rarity color, I want to see the GUN (better lit) not the rarity color drowning out the details of the weapon.

There is alot of potential for this room to really make this your “personal achievement” room … I would very much like to see that happen. Even on the tables there, it would be nice to be able to put certain things like… woten’s head on the table … or bigger items leaning against the wall.

MOSTLY… MORE… LIGHT in there. Too … DARK! I want to see my wall decor… not a shadow.


i collected tons of room decorations and yet i did never see the room :frowning: i know it must somewhere on the sanctuary

Your room is where the Bank is. Fl4k has a very dark and messy room btw.

Moze has one of bear’s arm mounted on a jack as if she was working on it

It’s the room where Clap Trap … trapped those crew members in. Your stash is in there.

nice thanks guys yes i saw both things. recently at early stages of the story i saw that claptrap traped crewmembers - and also this part of the ironbear i am familiar with- i will observe that-- my room needs decoration!

I agree.
I only have 1 spot where I can hang something and view it as a Siren. The other 2 I use neon signs to naturally light the spot so I can see it. I love how my room looks but only because every weapon spot is orange (artifact is still purp), and I have 2 neon signs up (MOXXX/:heart:).
I wish I could display more decor and be able to view it. If it weren’t for the neon lightup I would have no clue what was on the wall.
Maybe a quick light option above the decor spot for non-neon decorations? Seems like a pretty quick fix?

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Agreed. GB could give us a room decoration or an actual switch to allow players to bring more light into the room. Way too many shadows to see room decorations that do not have a light source itself.

that is why i only put up decors with neon lights.


Amara’s room is highly likeable. Everyone elses is… Lmao