Room Decoration Idea: Jack Mask

The Handsome Jack Mask came up in a post a few days ago. While I agree with the ones who said nah to it coming back as a head option I had an idea for a way to bring it back tastefully. Make it a room decoration, only available for players with Borderlands 2 saved data? It would be cool to have room decorations that call back to earlier Borderlands. Maybe Earl could sell us those panties he got from Tanis in Borderlands 1 or a Captain Scarlett plushie. Hodunk and Zaford emblems. How about it? What does the community think of nostalgic room items?


What a great idea love it!!

Ooo, what about those bandit hood ornaments of Ellie?

Awesome idea! I’d love to see that implemented.

Didn’t Ellie say she was going to hallow out jack’s skull and eat nacho’s out of it? Can we have that as a room deco? >.>


Yessssss! I love decorating things with the skulls of my enemies!

I would also like this flag on my wall. Since it’s Fynts flag it would make sense in Zane’s room.

What awesome ideas!

Best thread ever!!

Is there a place to submit these ideas or do the gearbox devs read these forums? I hear they do. I have more ideas and was wondering if I should just post the master list I’m working on.

Love the idea!

Uhm… I got a Handsome Jack mask room decoration days ago, am I missing something?

“am I missing something?” Probably the part where I posted this before the game came out and nobody knew it was a thing yet. At least I didn’t, still don’t have that decoration, just the trinket.

Yeah, I guess so… anyway, I can assure you there is a Handsome Jack mask room decoration.

Cool. Do you recall how you obtained it?

Sadly, no. Might have been a random drop, or a side mission reward, or a red chest… but I just made a screenshot.


There is a claptrap slot machine in sanctuary, easiest way I know to get it

There is a clap trap slot machine in sanctuary it is a reward

I think you have a fantastic idea there. The problem is if they’re hanging in pitch darkness they’ll be as pointless as most of the existing ones. Decorations you cant see aren’t worth the time or cost. If the decorations aremt self-lit or the room lighting isnt better, why bother?