Root Rave Amara: Guardian TTD Made Easy

Alright, so if you’re reading/watching this, you probably know the new Maliwan sniper, the Root, will BETRAY THE F*** OUTTA YOU with its crazy splash damage and extra projectile shenanigans. But if you strip down your build like I do here, add a Transformer and a Shock variant of the Root, everything dies in an electrical storm rave, and you’re immune.

In-depth explanation:
-If you didn’t know it before (like I didn’t until recently, because it’s been awhile since I tried a shock/transformer build), bonus shock ASE anointments go right through the Transformer. I didn’t test this with a next 2 mags shock variant because I don’t have one on a Root, but there’s a couple other anointments you can use, like bonus splash, consecutive hits, or the 200% damage I have (which is just all I had in my bank when I set this build up to test), for instance. So I use a transformer with cooldown rate ASE, but any anointment which isn’t bonus ASE elemental damage is fine.
.-Forceful Expression, even in shock, will go right through the transformer, IIRC. You don’t need it.
-The Root is powerful, but this setup works because of 3 different boosts (on the COM, artifact, and Arms Deal) to splash/AoE damage, PLUS a boost to Splash Radius. You can probably get away with a COM which only boosts splash radius, but I happened to have 2 different COMs with a roll of splash damage and splash radius (phasezerker and a nimbus - both worked great, you could use a driver or anything else you have, really). It’s easy enough to kill yourself with the Root without all this, but stacking these plus splash radius literally seems to fill the game stage.
-An elemental projector isn’t required, but it makes a big difference. All those shock DoT’s still count, even if they’re not doing any damage to you.
-This build and gear is by no means optimized, and as such this isn’t really a speedrun either. If you got a good Driver, and like to play with Speed Demon, knock yourself out. You’ll certainly kick my time to the curb. This is just a good way to sleepwalk through True Takedown mode, like I did.
-Speaking of modifiers, it’s pretty flexible. I normally hate playing with Death, but the ridiculous AoE going everywhere almost entirely nullifies it, so I used it here.

That’s pretty much it. There’s no cooldown glitch shenanigans, modded gear, etc. I threw this together with gear I happened to already have from other builds. Getting a splash/splash radius roll on a COM is probably the only thing you might have real trouble farming if you don’t have one, but again, you can use any COM.

Anyway, enjoy.
-Squirrelly Dan.


I was just showing up in this forum to post a similar build. Phasezerker with a root. I was able to crush through the guardian takedown on true take download solo. Honestly the Transformer and electric is unnecessary I run irradiation / corrosive root it seems like the lifesteal she has on her tree and the bonus damage keeps you pretty much topped off so you can health gate effectively. With ties That Bind and the Ricochet skill it reminds me of a bloodsplosion. The closer together the enemies are grouped the more effective it is. The bosses can be a pain but if a bunch of mobs are around him you’ll see a huge chunk of their health go once. No fake grasping and it’s honestly the most ammo efficient build I tried for amara

Edit: if you don’t get the first Crystal charged before you have to go to the second and third you might as well restart

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Yeah I didn’t have a good radiation root for testing, but I took one I had to the Maliwan TD and it does work. Amara currently has more synergy with Shock (also works well with Pool Party) IMO, also the transformer getting recharged by shock means you get Topped Off going nearly always, which is nice. Not vital, but in a run like the guardian takedown with so many random ways to die, I like to have plenty of insurance.

Radiation also means you’re getting Anima instead of infusion, which can lead to some hairy moments when something leaves a DOT on you right as they die.

Yup…i keep as on shock. Most deaths for me come from falling. Dots aren’t too problematic for me honestly other than the noise. My mods are lootsplosion cryo infused pool party and buddy system.

Honestly, that might be a cool weapon… But how can you stand playing with these flashes all the time? I could never play more than 5 min with this thing before getting a headache.

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I went ahead and tried a speedrun with this strat, managed to get a 17:37 True Takedown run :slight_smile: Definitely the easiest Guardian Takedown run I’ve ever done.



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Daaaaamn, there it is. Well done. That’s kicked up 4-5 notches. Lol

My run was more like a sleepwalk, yours is more true to the whole “rave” thing.

Also good idea on the epilepsy warning - I’m gonna edit my video title.

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It’s pretty intense, yeah. Fortunately everything dies pretty quick and all you really have to do while it’s working is look at your minimap. ;-]