Rope a Dope 15 characters

That is what it’s called, right? The lvl 4 helix that isn’t Flailing Fists.

Anyway, I messed up and picked this yesterday in a Quick Match Incursion. I’ve never felt more detrimental to my team. Pretty sure I ended up going 3 and 3 that match.
Can anyone justify this helix?? If it’s meant to make your escape better then I don’t think it does that. Maybe you can use it to get away a few times, but eventually the enemy team is gonna catch on and use it against you ( putting shadowfire pillars and geysers in your path after you 180)

Are there any plans to rework this helix? I think it should be changed completely unless someone is using successfully in higher skill matches, in which case, I’m open to advice.

Maybe they could change it to something like “Increase the distance traveled while in Closeline and enables use in midair.”

Is 15 characters the minimum amount for the topic title??

Rope a dope is pretty bad. Like really REALLY bad imo. And it’s pretty hard to put something worth picking over flailing fists on this level tbh since fists allows a knock up and doubles clothesline damage

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Suggestion for rework of Rope a Dope

When El Dragon hits a target with closeline while under 33% health he EXPLODES dealing massive damage to nearby enemies and silencing them for 2 seconds

Kleese and Toby are cool, but can we have suicide El Dragon?? Please???

It it really hard to use effectively but if you get someone against a wall you can hit them with clothesline twice with one activation for full damage each time. I’ve only recently picked up dragon but he is pretty strong with his recent buffs and with everyone else getting nerfed puts him back in a good spot. Since I’m still not that great with him I don’t use rope a dope either but I can see how double damage could be great if I could land it consistently.

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Well iirc you can press clothesline again to trigger the 180. The problem is though that flailing fists is still double damage with a knock up. Plus flailing fists damage is easier to double than rope a dope


That is a good point. I like the knockup personally. He is really strong now actually since the update. I wonder if they will revert his shield buff or something.

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I still remember this discussion…it would be interesting

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He has not actually changed a whole lot though. The dam reduction helps his early game tremendously but for the first 3 minutes of the game he is still terrifyingly weak I would say. He feels like he is in the closest spot to be balanced at this point (though it’s still mandatory to up his max health so I dunno)


I thought having a weak early game was a big part of what kept me away from playing him for a long time. The damage increase to all attackers helps his early game even further my making it easier to kill minions to build stacks. He still requires high skill to do really well with and he will drop quickly if he gets focused by 2 or more for more than a few seconds but not having to wait until level 5 for the damage reduction is huge.


Since the update I have been able to take down a few Montanas 1v1 and that’s like his hardest counter. Granted it left me with less than like 50 health but it’s doable.

Being focused is still a major problem but that’s a problem for many BB against a team of chain CC. I think he’s pretty balanced now. There’s still a huge skill gap though. I feel like new players are gonna pick him up and drop him after a few games but skilled players are going to be nigh unkillable. Don’t really know what to do about that though