Rose a Siren? (Theory)

Doesn’t really spoil much but some people have tattoos to hide things. Green eyes you say? Yes its all very suspicious…

I think the green eyes and her speed come from the crystals, still would be cool if she is a Siren.


Company experiment? The Company has been gone along time. I pondered this too

That also crossed my mind but the Devilriders actually use ink infused with the crystals. It’s in one of the Sato logs inside the Bathhouse, that’s also why Kormash tattoos glow.

Edit: They also have access to Company tech. There are a few Echoes inside the Bunker that mention how they ransacked that place a few years ago.


So we say Rose was just an exceptional badass prior to her rise to power? When frail dames gain notoriety in the Borderlands something’s up. She is oddly charismatic, I’d follow her :kissing_heart:

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My somewhat odd suspicion is she may be a future vault hunter. We’ll see though, honestly it’s a half baked hypothesis.


Ok I’ll spill, she is the ■■■■■■■ coolest thing I’ve seen this month. Solid design and traits.

IMA fan of the Butcher

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I mean, it was never clearly stated what powers Commandant Steele had.

Entirely possible, given powers can attach to people, rather than have to be born with them, that she may have inherited them.

We’ve had Phasewalk, Phaselock, Phaseshift, Phaseleech, Phasetrance and an unknown sixth ability. (Jack talking about six sirens)

Of course, I’m only guessing here and I may be completely wrong, she may even be one and not know it if she had any augmentations or procedures that she put any abilities down to.

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Well you have to be pretty badass to survive in this universe anyway.

Also if you don’t mind me spelling things out @Tokesy97 :

From an Echo in the Bunker we can learn that Rose learned the whistling to control beasts already as a child from her grandmother, probably as a failsafe for project dominus.

Also how she gained control of the Devilriders:

Is by turning the Devil of the former boss against him.

I’d not played it yet (work and time constraints), so I was just guessing.
I had no idea what abilities she had. And seeing a very tenuous link between Steele-trap being very mobile and Rose apparently being very fast.

Though that point you made, I think it’s been called non-canon but wasn’t there a Siren in a comic tied to Borderlands controlled a Rakk-Hive? Possible family tie, maybe if that person was deluded enough to think they were a siren?

I dunno, I just saw theorising, and a chance to throw a random thought in that may or may not be minutely possible (or worth considering).

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So the Rose is charismatic and cunning.

^.^ it should just be noted when a quality character makes an entrance. Nudge wink GBX you can extend the arc of this personality and I for one would totally welcome that.

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Yes Tate/Asha her ability was to control the wild beasts of any planet.

Edit: Oh and because you mentioned Steele-Trap, one of my favourite moments “Why is this hole here” :rofl:

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I really enjoyed her character but I do not think she is a siren. Nice tattoos but they do not glow. The glowy eyes I think is just creative license.

What are vault hunters if not people who are exceptionally good at killing? So I would love to see the next game be about Vault Hunters that are not a part of the original group. We think of the Raiders as the good guys but I think that is actually a pretty thin veneer. We can have Scarlett, Rose, and others join up for their own reasons.

To be honest I am tired of Claptrap, Tannis, and Lilith. A good break from them would be welcome.

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Eh she tattooed her arm with core infused ink, I had thought that would hide Siren markings, the Riders gain mutation from the ink. Dicken Goyle had an extreme effect, Rose is beyond human also there is the iconic rose littered holey psycho with golden buzz axe image and rumour of the 7th Siren. Then Rose lol

But if anyone has listened to guy in the cinema at Vestige, he has dialog, mentions about Rose not being fatally wounded and appearing in an upcoming sequel, I loosley quote “with the heart of the original but appealing to a new young audience…”

Rose is a core mutant, like any other Rider with good design… The 7th Siren that we were told not to find because she’s cold af shrugs

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Honestly… I doubt it. Rose’s tatoos are red and green and not very vibrant whereas all Siren tatoos have been a bright and shining blue. I don’t there’d be a way for her to hide them when running around dressed like that.

Core is an amazing thing tho… Trusty Core, Jakobs Core.