Rough love mission

I can’t get the rough love mission to become available. I’ve completed bunch of ice holes but Nina offers nothing now as far as a mission goes. I have completed this mission (rough love) in TVHM and am now in UVHM. Can I no longer get the mission due to doing it in TVHM? It doesn’t show up in my completed missions log in UVHM. I’m needing this in order to farm Drongo Bones. Am I just screwed or have I missed something? Thanks for any help with this. Also, I have completed the story in UVHM and am level 59 if any of that matters. Again, thanks.

Go to Outlands Canyon, Talk to Pickle, and Complete “Treasures of ECHO Madre” then come back and see if you can do it.

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I’ll give it a shot, thank you

That worked man, thanks soooo much!