Rough Love optional objectives

So I’m having a little trouble completing the final optional objective in the side mission Rough Love. I’m a touch OCD about not missing things in game & the first 2 optional objectives were no problem (kill suitor 1 with cryo & suitor 2 with corrosive). Number 3 however is a pain. From what I gather shooting him with a fire weapon while he’s already on fire should do the trick if you can reduce his health enough. Sadly the mission objectives change too quickly for me to see if the optional one has been ticked or not & when I check how many optional objectives I’ve got completed (using the badass challenge OcDc) the number hasn’t changed.

I’m getting sick of dashboarding out. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think that’s actually a “real” objective, in the sense that Nina will always stop you (and the suitor will always have some residual health) since that’s what the script says. I just use a fire weapon and don’t worry about it.

Obsessing too much about optional mission objectives, possibly? :bluncertain:

Obsessing? Me? No question about it, lol. Many thanks for the input. That does make sense as killing him would render the mission uncompletable(sp?). There are just so many missable things in this game. Tiny little, annoying (probably irrelevant to almost everybody) things that bug me. Much as I love the franchise this one is driving me a little crazy.

I know. The number of completely miss-able BAR challenges finally tipped me over the edge into the “not caring” category. For most of those, you’d pretty much have to set up a dummy account, start a normal play through, and then bring in your level 50+ character to clean up. “Kill the midgets before the door closes” - right…

Oh that sounds like fun…wait, no it doesn’t. I hope, should the franchise continue, that the powers that be realise that ridiculous stuff like that detracts from the games fun factor rather than adding anything. I’m off to YouTube that particular challenge you mention.

Titan Production Facility, when you go into the room where they made the moon zoomie thingies. There’s a door at the far end where the scav midgets spawn. Get to close, and it drops shut. They then blast their way in through the upper entrance (which is where you exit to the next part of the facility.) I did it once by sheer fluke, but have never managed it again while at level.

I’d say preventing Felicity from killing anything while she walks the powersuit over to the constructor body it the hardest.

I’ve killed Poop Deck before the door slams on him. I think Clappy, Ravager set up for OLT, Audacious Sapper . . . :smile:

Never tried the midgets. Never knew about that challenge, though I know I’ve killed them before the top door opens, with DOT on top of some quick shots/grenades. I don’t ever go for completion in things like challenges and achievements. I’d go crazy. I do enjoy completing the fun ones, though, and getting the occasional unexpected acknowledgement…