Rough Love quest bugged

(Ryker61) #1

I’m trying to do the True Love quest, but it seems to be bugged. I went to the area marked on the map and nothing is happening. So Much Serenity, the location the quest marker directs you to, also seems to be bugged, as no enemies have spawned there in the last few days that I’ve played. The chest, which is behind the building where a turret spawns, is reseting as it should when you start up the game, but no Bandits are spawning.

Edit: nvm. Turns out the Bandit I was looking for for the True Love quest was on a balcony that I couldn’t see. Soon as I killed him, the Bandits started respawning at the So Much Serenity location.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #2

Sounds like you’re good to go, so I’ll just close this thread now. Also, don’t forget to grab the card and chocolates after each candidate is dealt with - made that mistake a few times and had to go back for them…

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #3