Rough Rider and Confident Competence

I’ve searched the forums on this topic and most of them are from over a month ago. Not sure if the patches have affected rough rider interaction with confident competence or not yet.

Question: Does confident confidence activate when using the rough rider shield? If not, what is the best shield to take advantage of all the shield “full” based perks in the green tree?

Note: I’m working on the Zane cryo build

Confident competence treats the rough rider as empty, I don’t know what you mean by “activate” though since it’s a passive skill.
Best shields for CCC for me, are shields with quick recharge rate, shields that drop boosters like the big boom blaster, since they will heal you and your shield automatically now, and the transformer because it has an immunity. And might spawn with boosters too, idk that for sure though.

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I just mean since the rough rider is always at 0, does that count as a full or active shield? Do you get the gun damage and accuracy boost by using the rough rider with confident confidence?

Should be pretty easy to test. Equip normal shield, shoot your vehicle, then equip rough Rider and shoot your vehicle again. If your damage drops, it doesn’t work.

Rough Rider is unique in that it both counts as “full” and “empty” at the same time. While confident confidence doesn’t work with Rough Rider, Rise to the Occasion DOES work with the Rough Rider, netting you upwards of 5% Health regen 100% of the time.

I’ve also heard and seen conflicting evidence that the Infiltrator COM does work with the Rough Rider (I feel like it does when I try it but…)

All in all, Rough Rider is quite fickle. :slight_smile:

Not really. It’s empty but gets skipped by CCC probably because of the way CCC is coded. I guess instead of checking if your shield is full it checks if your current value matches the maximum value.
Iirc Infiltrator justice works dmg wise, but the movement speed increase seems to be bound to actually breaking a shield.

At least that’s my understanding and makes the most sense to me.

I have done RR with Infiltrator, speed works. It felt much slower to walk without after getting used to the speed bonus. I’d switch coms to do testing and if I had forgotten to put on the Infiltrator I always noticed.